Nikki’s 2018 Make Nine – update

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So it’s somehow got to 6 months through the year… quite how I’m really not sure. It’s has just whizzed by. But I thought it would be a good idea to do an update on my Make Nine challenge that I posted about at the beginning of the year.

Nikki's make nine july update


  1. In Progress Blanket – my red lounge blanket – this is still in progress, although I have made some more in roads into it. Hopefully still on track to get this done.
  2. In Progress Ginger Jeans – Well these are mostly done, you can see my first post about them here. I just need to sew the last few bits on and they will be done! Woo first pair of jeans!
  3. Ballroom dress – This I’m not certain will actually get done this year. It’s such a massive project and I don’t actually really have a need for it right now as I’m not sure what my dancing plans are for now, but I’ll see how I feel about it in a few months.
  4. DONE New latin dress – Well this is completed! I haven’t actually done a blog post about it but you can see a couple of shots of it in this Monday Sevens post. Unfortunately I need to do a little repair to it as the new formulation of gemtac is really awful and a bunch of the stones have already fallen off. =(
  5. Nice going out top – I haven’t made any progress on this, I’m not really sure what pattern or fabric I would use so I definitely need to look into this more.
  6. Leggings – No progress on this either, but I think my next set will be plainer.
  7. Shirt top – Hoping to do the paper cutting of this pattern soon, but I still need to select some fabric.
  8. Fit and flare dress – the fabric for this is still sitting on my table, might try and cut the pattern out soon.
  9. One Done Everyday t-shirts – I’ve done a casual t-shirt from the Seamwork Aberdeen pattern. Still planning on adding a few more casual shirts though, probably the laundry day tee, maybe a Seamwork Jane and some self-drafted ones.


Overall it doesn’t look like I’ve made a huge amount of progress. One is done, one is done but I plan on doing more, one is very nearly done and one in progress. That leaves 5 that haven’t really been started at all. However, I did say that I probably wouldn’t make very much progress in the first few months of the year but after that I should be able to do more.

I have been doing a lot more sewing recently. In fact since the beginning of May I have completed a whopping 11 projects and have 3 more that are very nearly finished. So I have definitely made more than nine… I just might need to focus down a little bit more on those garments.


How does everyone else feel they are getting on with their sewing goals for the year?


3 thoughts on “Nikki’s 2018 Make Nine – update

  1. tialys

    You’re doing very well. You might have to put that blanket to one side though in the weather you’re having won’t you? It looks very familiar – I’ve made a few of those and have the yarn for several more. Is it the one where you use six strands of yarn together? – can’t remember the designer’s name
    Can’t wait to see your jeans. I’ve almost finished mine too but need help placing the pockets. On the Sewalong she tells you where to put them according to the shape of your bum – have you read it or you going it alone?

  2. Nikki Post author

    Thanks 🙂 I just keep getting distracted by ideas for other makes… I’ve done a little knitting recently. Sometimes when there’s a breeze in the evening I can sit on the sofa and it’s not too hot, but yes it might be more of an autumn project. The pattern was something I sort of put together myself but based off a cables pattern. It’s not the 6 strand one although that sounds rather interesting! I used drops andes yarn which is quite chunky and i’m knitting it up on 8mm (maybe?) needles.

    I still haven’t done any more of the jeans, although I might try to get some more done this weekend. I hadn’t really followed the sewalong until I got to the waistband installation and then I got thoroughly confused and the sewalong was a massive saviour!! I think I will look at it for the pockets as well though. =)


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