Pippa’s Summer of Basics Plan

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I have been planning to take part in the summer of basics this year and have planned some of my makes out and even started the knitting but have yet to write them up in any form, so here are my plans:

The idea of the Summer of Basics is to create the garments that will fill some holes in your wardrobe and stand the test of time as wardrobe basics. This doesn’t mean that they have to be basic garments but pieces that will form the foundation of your wardrobe, such as a white t-shirt or goes with anything cardigan.

I have decided on a summer jumper, a pair of shorts and some summer PJs.

Summer of basics plans

The first and most set in stone garment was the Summer Jumper, although this was a little bit of a last minute plan and is probably a trial run for a future version of the same jumper. I had a weeks work in Buxton at an exhibition and wanted some knitting to keep my hands busy during the long journeys to and from Buxton, so I nipped out the day before I left and got some yarn from the local hardware store to knit up a summery twist on a Marinière pullover.

Summer of basics plans

The rest of my items had to be strategically planned so that I would actually be able to sew them up before the deadline as actually getting time in front of my sewing machine during the summer is a nearly impossible task as it is the busiest time of year for my sailing.

Going back to my sail training roots with a weeks sailing with the charity Supporting Wounded Veterans meant that I had t have some decent sleepwear in case I had to be called upon in the night, and with some very warm weather predicted it needed to be very lightweight. It also needed to be able to be sewn up in the day and a half that I had between returning from Buxton and leaving for Portsmouth!

Looking through my pattern stash I came up with a set of patterns that I thought would be suitable and then hightailed it down to FabricLand to find some lightweight viscose and knit fabric.

Summer of basics plans

My third item is yet to be started but I am planning to sew some chino style shorts either in Aubergine or Navy fabric (depending on how much Nikki has left over of the navy after cutting out her Sasha trousers).

Summer of basics plans

Both the jumper and the shorts will also be my entries for the Outfit Along. Limited summer making time and a desire to ensure that I don’t end up sewing things for the hell of sewing them means that I made sure that the items I was making would be able to be entered into both of the summer sew-alongs.


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    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks. The pj’s have been life savers in the seriously hot weather that we have been having this summer.


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