Monday Sevens #103

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Well this time it is actually only a weeks worth of update! Although we’ve still managed to pack a reasonable amount in.

I started off the week with a few meetings at the university. I managed to wear a me-made outfit on for both days. =) First a new scuba skirt with a mustard top, and then my modified kimmy dress that I made last month.
Monday sevens #103

I helped a friend move house and afterwards as a thank you she took us for ice cream shakes =) rather wonderful in this hot weather.

Monday sevens #103

I got some happy post this week as well with the delivery of two sewing machines! A shiny new overlocker and a new jeans machine. Super excited to get some projects going on these.

Monday sevens #103

Particularly I got to work on my Ginger Jeans which you can read some more about here. I haven’t quite finished them yet but hopefully they’ll be wearable soon. I’m very impressed so far with how the sewing machines have handled them.

Monday sevens #103

Pippa was away most of the week at an exhibition in a quarry, which was very dusty and tiring.
Monday sevens #103

But she did get a chance to see a rather cool industrial mining puppet.
Monday sevens #103

And she also got a chance to get some more done on her latest knitting project – a jumper that she cast on last week.
Monday sevens #103


In other big news I found out that I have been awarded my PhD and will be able to graduate this summer. It was potentially the most underwhelming email though…

When Pippa returned we had a nice Mezze meal with some champagne cocktails to celebrate =) In the garden to make the most of this very warm weather.

Monday sevens #103

On the weekend Pippa wanted to make some new pyjamas so we headed into town to have a look for some fabric. We happened to go past a british heart foundation store and they are running #thebigstitch competition for altering or embellishing an item from one of their stores so we had a look.

There were two items I picked up which hopefully I can into something even better.

Monday sevens #103

Monday sevens #103

Once we’d found some lovely viscose fabric in town we returned and started on a little bit of a production line to get some pyjamas made for her in time for sailing. This fabric was so lovely and here’s the finished items. I also made her an eye mask to match.

Monday sevens #103Monday sevens #103

On Sunday Pippa cooked a lovely brunch for us. Mainly because I was slightly suffering from overindulging in cocktails the night before. Long island iced teas are a dangerous thing…

Monday sevens #103

Hope you all had a lovely week and aren’t suffering too much in this heat.

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  1. Kim

    Hurrah! Graduation this summer – and well celebrated. Now that’s sorted you can plan.
    Your new machines look good – as do Pippas pj’s. Good luck making something from your British Heart Foundation finds


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