Nikki’s 2017 projects

Here will be a list of projects that I would like to complete in 2017 – updated when I complete them (with a ■), hopefully with links to a blog post or series of blog posts about them.

Kitchen Items:

□ Oven gloves in blue (to match our crockery) from these clearance tea towels

□ Square pan holders, also from the clearance tea towels

□ A cafetiere cosy for my parents large cafetiere, along the lines of this previous one I made.


□ A cafetiere cosy for our kitchen in our new colour scheme


□ Travel set for Philip (matching weekend bag, wash bag and accessories) – currently taking inspiration from the Portside travel set and the Brooklyn traveller

□ Jodi Bohra (indian wedding outfit) for our friend – colour scheme orange and purple

□ Salwar Kameez (indian outift) for our friend – colour scheme teal

■ Long haul flight survival kit – see the post about the contents here


■ Fisherman’s rib scarf – will probably make multiple of this eventually as it is so squishy

See the intro here, and the finished scarf here


□ Lounge Blanket – a large project, see the intro about it here

Long term projects – requiring more research, pattern hunting and fabrics.

□ Jeans

□ Coat