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Team Dresses

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Southampton University Ballroom and Latin Dance Society have a large number of dresses so that when it comes to the team match, where the dress code is unrestricted, all of the dancers can wear a ‘proper’ dress. Team photo from Southampton Friendly at the beginning of the University Year.  All of the turquoise dresses are team dresses bar two. This… Read more »


New Shoes

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A short and sweet post today, my new shoes finally arrived yesterday, and they fit! It is a good day.  I realise this post makes me sound really girly but these are my new dance shoes that I had wanted to arrive before IVDA but didn’t arrive till the day we left 🙁 so I had to get them re… Read more »


Weekend Round Up – Part II (competing and home time)

After a mad dash to get prepared in time we finally got in to the venue which itself  is a good enough reason to go there: The dancing was split up into two halls other wise we would have been there all weekend. The Empress ballroom was the main venue: and the Spanish Hall contained the Beginners and Ex-Students: The… Read more »


Weekend Round Up – Part I (preparation)

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I know its Tuesday but I have only just started to recover from this weekend! And for this the weekend includes Friday, so is a massive upset to my normal flow of things. But oh well it was definitely worth it. Thursday: Spray tans…This is the first time I have ever had one and was a little bit of an… Read more »


IVDA Baby!

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Well today I am on my way to Blackpool for IVDA Competition. Inter – Varsity Dance Association Competition for those of you who had no clue what I was talking about till that point, which I imagine will be pretty much everyone. We Will be competing in a Ballroom and Latin competition at the winter gardens ballroom in blackpool which… Read more »


It was all worth it…

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The last few weeks have been a crazy busy with a dress rehearsal on thursday evening and a full show on Friday evening, Matinee and Evening shows on Saturday.  I had to spend a lot of time finishing the skirts and dresses during the week and haven’t really had much time for anything else except more rehersals. All of this has been… Read more »


Busy Times

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This week has been a very busy one trying to sort out all these skirts and dresses.  I currently have 13 of the skirts had and 4 of the dresses are finished. On Sunday we had a rehearsal and some of the outfits were worn then and it was such a good feeling to see how they looked on people. I was… Read more »


Waistbands, and more waistbands…

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Well progress is being made on the skirts. I have two fully made and have a pile of waist bands waiting for the skirts to be attached.  Unfortunately I managed to break my double needle last night so am having to wait for a new one to be purchased by the little sis this afternoon… Along with 5 and a half… Read more »