Weekend Round Up – Part I (preparation)

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I know its Tuesday but I have only just started to recover from this weekend! And for this the weekend includes Friday, so is a massive upset to my normal flow of things. But oh well it was definitely worth it.
Thursday: Spray tans…This is the first time I have ever had one and was a little bit of an eye opener. We had a lovely lady come to one of our houses to spray us all which made it nicer. Although spending about 15 mins naked in my friends kitchen drying off was a little bit weird to say the least :p
The evening was spent sorting the final bits and packing. Also lots of food was sorted this evening, both me and Nikki had takeaway boxes full of sweets 😀

Friday: An early start to get to University for 9 to pack the coach and excavate the team dresses from the cupboard to take with us. The majority of people went on the coach but there were too many of us so some had to go in the mini bus. I was one of those We finally left Uni about half an hour later than the coach due to safety checks etc. This meant that we ended up getting stuck in traffic near the end of the journey where as the coach didn’t. But we did get a lovely sunset:

 Friday Evening: We did most peoples hair, with LOTS of hairspray so that it stayed in over night and then went out for our evening meal. 

Nikki’s hair, what is not so obvious about this is how 3D it is the plaits make circles sticking out from the head.
One of the amazing things about the hair done at IVDA is that even
though there are about 40 girls who go from our Uni no two will have the
same hairstyle…
Very nice and sleek with a little bling added
 These are just a few examples of the creativity involved.
Jess’s hair was too short to put into a bun so it got spiked instead, a very cool eye catching hairstyle

Saturday: Up at 6:30 to be able to do all of our make up and the few hair styles that had not been done the night before. 
Get up, Wash, Do Nikki’s hair, Do flowers’s hair, Full cooked English breakfast, out of B and B, walk to the Winter Gardens, Do my make-up in the sign in queue, Do Ananya’s hair in the same queue, finally get in and change into our outfits for the morning! And all of that was before 9:30!!
Flowers and I, showing of my lovely new eye shadows, more on them later.
Phew a lot of preparation went into this weekend Part II (competing and home time) will come tomorrow 😀

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