Team Dresses

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Southampton University Ballroom and Latin Dance Society have a large number of dresses so that when it comes to the team match, where the dress code is unrestricted, all of the dancers can wear a ‘proper’ dress.
Team photo from Southampton Friendly at the beginning of the University Year.  All of the turquoise dresses are team dresses bar two.
This year our team has been that largest it has been in a long time and we are struggling with fitting out the whole team, so we are trying to make/modify some dresses so that we have a better all round wardrobe. 
The first of these dresses has been modified today by Nikki:
These dresses are pretty much identical and so are used by the girl-girl couples.  Here is one with out any work done to it by us. These are a crush velvet with long tassels which have metal beads on them:
They used to have stoning on them but it has all fallen off so Nikki replaced it with blue crystals bought off Ebay recently and some gem glue from the local fabric shop:
So they now look like this:
As we make our way through the dresses modifying them and improving them there will be more updates and even a how-to or two. 
Later in the summer I should be making at least one Latin Dress from ‘scratch’ and I will post about the process for those who are interested.

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