Busy Times

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This week has been a very busy one trying to sort out all these skirts and dresses. 
I currently have 13 of the skirts had and 4 of the dresses are finished.

On Sunday we had a rehearsal and some of the outfits were worn then and it was such a good feeling to see how they looked on people. I was especially happy about the dresses as they were the hardest to visualise before they were made. 😀

I will have to post some pictures to here when I get a chance.

I am still recovering from the weekend which was slightly manic and dance filled. 
On Saturday we went to Bath for SUDC (Southern Universities Dance Competition), we had to leave uni at 6am and the competition ran late so we didn’t leave Bath until nearly midnight, meaning that we didn’t get back to Southampton till about 2 in the morning. 
We had this technical run through on Sunday morning so we were back in Uni at 9am Sunday morning for 6hours of rehearsals.


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