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This week I have been working on a few projects, mostly a knitted head band for me and a dress (also for me) for a ball I have on Saturday. I also have to modify some of the team dresses… The dress I am making is based loosly on the BHL Anna Dress but instead of pleats it has gathers… Read more »


Sunday Sevens #1 (#63)

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For the first time I’m joining with Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, a photographic representation of your week. I like the way it is almost like a photo a day thing but not that strict so if like me you don’t have anything interesting lots of the days you can still join in. 1: Testing a free… Read more »


Button mania

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Recently I have been having visits from family members and as I am living in quite rustic conditions I keep asking them to bring me things. Last time my mother came I asked her if she had any wool blankets going spare (she did) and any buttons (also yes). I received a stack of old blankets and Rosemary’s (grandmother) button… Read more »


Discoveries from Slow Fashion October

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I want to be more conscientious with the decisions I make about where my fabric comes from and making only those things that I need, mending worn out clothes and making heirloom products but at the moment that is not really practical in my life. Currently I am living alone without a set schedule and the act of making things… Read more »



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So there are a few changes going on around the blog at the moment, the most striking of which is the change from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress blog. Many thanks to Nikki for doing all of the work behinds the scenes to move all the posts across and set up the WordPress hosting on the website. This work… Read more »