Sunday Sevens #1 (#63)

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For the first time I’m joining with Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, a photographic representation of your week. I like the way it is almost like a photo a day thing but not that strict so if like me you don’t have anything interesting lots of the days you can still join in.

1: Testing a free pattern from a magazine, a nice simple raglan top. But I can never get rid of those creases under my arm! maybe a FBA on the front part. But I did find the pattern pieces a bit weird I always thought raglan tops curved in towards the boobs on the seam between the arm and bodice to remove gaping but this one goes the other way…


2: I hauled out the left over wool from the Life Aquatic Hat from last year and cast on a mini stocking


3: One perk of helping out my nan with life in general is I get to ask her if she has any scrap bits of wool for more Stocking Ornaments. So I came away with this (and lots more)


4: A lot of the pieces are not large enough to make a stocking in one colour only which resulted in this one which I feel looks like a hockey sock. Any takers?


5: Going through Nan’s wool cupboard (read Wardrobe) I came across this bodice piece in a bag, a few minutes later and much to my Nan’s relief I came across the sleeves and spare wool AND pattern and needles. Looks like I gained another WIP from Nan, I can’t wait to be done with the one I am doing at the moment.


6: Speaking of finishing projects, I have broken out the advent calendar that I started creating last year to finish putting the number on. I have changed my tactic to couch (?) the numbers on…


7: Another muslin. This one is for a self drafted BHL Anna Dress inspired dress (/top). Again I have a problem around my armpit! I think if I take a bit of width off the of the sleeve at the bottom and drop the bottom of the armscye this might help a bit. I’m not sure this style will ever look perfect on me.


And I have an extra as this week has been surprisingly productive despite not feeling like that.

and 8: as it has been productive! I made Chilli jam this evening (also got scalding chilli jam in my eye – not recomended!) and then moved onto pear chutney to try and use up some of the glut I have…



2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #1 (#63)

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks Natalie. Yes aren’t the little stockings great and they use up the small little balls of wool that nothing else seems to use.
      The jumper is the second to come my way. The first is much plainer but proved that we knit the same, I’m half way up the sleeves now and slogging out the last bit!


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