Button mania

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Recently I have been having visits from family members and as I am living in quite rustic conditions I keep asking them to bring me things. Last time my mother came I asked her if she had any wool blankets going spare (she did) and any buttons (also yes). I received a stack of old blankets and Rosemary’s (grandmother) button box which I decided to have a look in when I finished my house coat (more on that soon) and was looking for buttons.

Button (5)
Button (8) Button (2)

If you follow me in Instagram you may have seen some of these images and me wondering how to sort them all so that they would not be such a headache every time I wanted to look in the box. One thing that is good about this box compared to say my mothers button box is that there are lots of sets of buttons and not just the odd one or two of a set. It seemed that the majority of buttons came in at least a pair.

Button (1) Button (3)
Button (4) Button (6)

There were lots of interesting buttons I’ve now just got to find projects for them all, or at least some of them.


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  1. Sheila

    Wow, what a selection! Why don’t we have button boxes like that nowadays? We always used to play with the buttons at my Gran’s as children and it brings back such happy memories.


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