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So there are a few changes going on around the blog at the moment, the most striking of which is the change from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress blog. Many thanks to Nikki for doing all of the work behinds the scenes to move all the posts across and set up the WordPress hosting on the website. This work was done a while ago but we wanted to run the two in parallel for a while to check that it was all working and that there were no major bugs, so as our 200th post was coming up we decided to wait till then to officially change over. Well it is here! Happy 200.


The main reason for the change is control, we get more control over the layout and style of the blog in WordPress (or that control is more easy to achieve) and offline writing. If you have been following this blog for any time you will realise that I spend a lot of my time away from home and with this away from a decent internet connection, or away from one entirely. I am writing this on the train on the way home for example and Blogger’s offline editing app on the tablet is next to useless you an only add one photo to it and then you can’t add it where you want. With that in mind when I had my blog for travelling I specifically used a WordPress blog as it had a much better app! Sometimes its the small things that make the differences…

A while ago after we first started the blog we purchased the web address for the blog just to secure it, but never moved the blog across, we decided that we had had it long enough and should probably use it!

So here I am attempting to redirect all of our posts on my decidedly shakey internet at me new place. It has only dropped out 4 times so far! At the moment you will probably get directed from Blogger to our new home page but hopefully you will get directed to the correct post soon.

As with any new technology there may be bugs or hiccups so please let me know if you see anything odd…


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