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So I decided to join in in a swap for the first time (wish me luck) called #stitchingsanta from Sewchet. There was a knitting and a sewing section and I entered both of them… Go Me!

I just need to work out what to actually make for them now, thankfully both people I got have blogs but post sporadically so I’m not sure these will be truly personalised gifts but hopefully they will be appreciated.

Apologies to the person who has me and tries to find out about what I like from this blog, I feel they may end up with a bit of a headache…

So one of the traditions in our house is to still have stockings from Santa and open these in the morning when we get up as we don’t open our presents till after Christmas dinner. A tradition instigated by one of the parents in our family somewhere along the line, to ensure that everyone is around for present opening and someone isn’t taken out by cooking the meal. Since Nikki and I cook the meal now the tradition carries on.

Since I am doing two swaps and 4 stockings I thought I could combine a few of the things and go into mass production. At some point I also need to finish the Advent Calendar from last year!

Kitted Mini Stockings Tree Ornament:

IMG_8107_small2 stockings2_small2

Pin Cushions:

I’m not sure on the designs yet but I think these will only be for the swap people…

Pin Cushions from Bottle caps and scraps

Wearable knit wear:

I’m not sure on the patterns for these yet but something along the lines of:

Top L: Seafarers crocheted hat, I know I can make this quite quickly and it is very snuggly, I just need to count carefully… R: Brioche Knit Cowl, I love the texture of brioche knit and want to try this with two varigated yarns Bottom L: Fingerless gloves, I don’t know what pattern yet but I’m thinking of some of these. R: Santa Hat, Because why not!

I’ve got to find some sewing related crafts too otherwise that part of my crafting life will feel very left out… And it is normally my dominant craft but come winter I like to snuggle up so knitting comes out in force.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Swap

  1. Sheila Harvey-Larmar

    Our traditions are the same as yours and for the same reasons! Although it’s also because we want to stretch the excitement out as long as possible and opening the presents after ‘lunch’ (3pm) does just that. Your yarn related gifts look amazingly similar to the ones I’ve created for my swap partner! Good luck with putting it all together:)

    1. Pippa Post author

      Well I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks that way. I’m sure stretching the enjoyment had something to do with it when we were younger, now its mostly so that Nikki and I can join in with everyone at present time and get all the cooking done as well!
      Goodness only knows how much food we will be cooking this year!


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