My Latin Dress: Finished!

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So I have finally finished my latin dress! See all my posts about the making of my latin dress here. I have to say it took me quite a while to actually finish off the last little bit, because the fit of the top of the dress wasn’t quite right and I put it off for a while. In the end all it needed was the neck strap to be shortened a little which raised the dress up a bit. I also put in hooks and eyes so that I can actually get into the dress without difficulty.

Ta-da! Here it is on me just after being finished.

I have to say I’m very pleased with how it turned out. If I made another dress in this style I would probably use stretch fringe though, because it is a little bit of a wiggle getting into it. Also I would make the top of the leotard wider as it seemed to shrink slightly when the fringe was added (although that might not happen if I was using stretch fringe)
I would also try to find sew on stones to attach to the top layer of fringe as the stick on ones seem not to stick very well to it.

So I have worn it a couple of times since I finished it, and here are some pictures of me dancing in it, Unfortunately there aren’t very many since I only wear it for the team match and not for my actual latin competition as that is restricted dress.



Hopefully there will be many more photos when I get the chance to wear it more. But I’m very happy with how it turned out. If I get a chance I might try to write a post about how much it cost me to make it in comparison to how much it might have cost me to buy a dress of similar quality.



2 thoughts on “My Latin Dress: Finished!

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