Spring Cleaning: Fabric

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Continuing on from last week there has been a lot more spring cleaning going on in this house… As you can see the charity shop pile has got a little bigger, even though I have taken one of the bags down already.


This week we have mostly been focusing on the Sewing Room and the Lounge, which used to be our fabric storeroom… We have managed to move most of the fabric out of there now and just have the Large boxes of scraps for Draught Excluders etc.

Most of the fabric has been boxed up and has made its way onto the shelving in the Sewing Room/Guest Bedroom. Here is what it looked like before:

Sewing Room
During Tidying…

Definitely at the stage of tidying commonly known as looking like a bomb has hit, the places definitely looks worse in the middle of tidying than it did at the start. Or at least in my case it does.

Fabric Boxes 2
The shelves afterwards

Afterwards all the fabrics are all boxed up neatly by type:

Fabric Boxes
Neatly in Boxes

All the little things that come with sewing, Thread, Elastic etc nicely put away in their own boxes. Hopefully this means I can now find what im looking for with out too much hassle.

Thread boxes etc
Threads, Elastic, Ribbons and Buttons each in their own place
Now Hopefully I can find the colours we have.

Next to make the Lounge usable once more…


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