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Plans Change…

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Well I had planned that next week would be more of the same: Wake up,  Attempt to sew something,  Start working around 11ish when the sun has moved round enough that I wont be blinded by it!  Have lunch {preferable in the garden if the weather is nice enough}, Move work, Blog about something, Dinner,  Sleep *Rinse, Lather, Repeat* But… Read more »


OWOP – Weeks round up.

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Update: Currently having some major issues with google deciding that it doesn’t want to display many of the hosted images, like the ones in this post. We’re hoping it will resolve itself soon. But in the meantime you can view the images on our facebook album (and you could even like our page if you’re feeling especially wonderful) Fingers crossed it… Read more »


Travel Tuesday! Inter-railing: Prague – Czech Republic

Following on from my post about Inter-railing in Europe! Our first stop of the trip – Prague in the Czech Republic! I had been to the Czech Republic once before for a sailing event, but that only took me to small towns in the south of the country. This was my first time in the capital.  The first hurdle of getting… Read more »


Colour Inspiration: Peaches {including applications}

This colour scheme would look lovely in a room which gets lots of sunlight.  Painting the walls in the palest colour with trims painted in 2 or 3 (numbered going down from 1 at the top) and things like cushion covers and curtains with 5 or 6. Some trimmings could be like these: Adding a Quilt like this to the couch would add… Read more »


How to Use Colour Inspirations

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There are many colour inspiration pallets floating round the blogosphere and Pinterest at the moment which are so lovely to look at, but what can you do with them? I am going to be posting about the ways that you can actually out your favourite colour schemes into action. Starting with branding, I have decided I need new business cards, I wont… Read more »


Colour Inspiration: Crocuses

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Colour Inspiration - Crocuses

I have decided to try my hand at the colour inspiration sheets going around at the moment. I think it is a great way to stretch both my Photoshop skills and my ‘eye’. Picking out decent photos and the colours that make them what they are. Here is my first attempt: Photo Attribution: Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Breakfast Smoothie

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Credits: Orange, Banana, Strawberries, Kiwi Fruit, Grapefruit, Orange Juice.  This smoothie I make the night before and then keep in the fridge overnight so that I can have in instant smoothie in the morning. I’m not enough of a morning person to make them in the morning as I go… If I feel it needs it I thin it out with Orange Juice when pouring it… Read more »


My Travel Stories – Introduction

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Hey there, Well I’ve probably been mentioned on this blog a few times by my sister already. I’m the other half of ‘Beads and Barnacles’. Since I’m fairly new to blogging, and pretty busy currently with university and my dissertation, I don’t have much time to craft at the moment unfortunately. But I thought instead I could do some posts… Read more »