My Travel Stories – Introduction

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Hey there,

Well I’ve probably been mentioned on this blog a few times by my sister already. I’m the other half of ‘Beads and Barnacles’.

Since I’m fairly new to blogging, and pretty busy currently with university and my dissertation, I don’t have much time to craft at the moment unfortunately. But I thought instead I could do some posts about some of the things I’ve already made, but also some of my travels.

I love to travel. It’s so amazing and fun to see different areas of the world and also you get to meet lots of new people, see the sites and take lots of photos!

So I’m going to be doing a series of posts about some of the trips I have taken and some of the places I have visited. Hopefully with lots of photos I’ve taken and tips for people wanting to do similar things! =)


Click here for my first post about Inter-railing in Europe!


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