OWOP – Weeks round up.

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One week One  Pattern is an idea put together by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons she has out forward a suggestion to bloggers that they use their favourite pattern and wear an item made from this pattern every day for a week. 

Well I loved this idea and used it to give me a boost in my attempt to sew more everyday clothes. I have chosen the Sorbetto top from Colette Patterns. I had made a few adjustments on some of these tops, like changing the pleat to an inverse one, into multiple short pleats, and removing it altogether.
Here is my round up of the weeks patterns:
I will start by apologising for not starting on the right day. I had thought it started on the Monday, Ohps. 
So the last two listed in this post are the outfits I plan on wearing at the weekend, modelled in anticipation of the event.

Tuesday: Silk Sorbetto with pleated neck line,
A-line black skirt from Primark,
Black belt, Primark
Monday: Purple Gingham Sorbetto
Skinny Jeans from New Look

I did enjoy this challenge because it made my actually think about what I was going to wear each day. Working from home I don’t normally think about what I am wearing.
Monday was used just to pop to the shops, currently working from home I don’t always go out that much… I had thought I would be travelling back to Essex and to the office this week so outfits 1 and 2 would have been acceptable for this. 
Tuesday I went for a much more work-wear orientated outfit, and I do have to confess that the heels just went on for the photo and i was in flipflops the rest of the day :p

Thursday: Brown T-Shirting Sorbetto,
with an inverse pleat.
Board shorts, Surfanic.
Wednesday: Pink Sorbetto, with no pleat
and tighter fit,
Navy Shorts, Primark.

I have also realised just how much I am wearing my sunglasses, and I have got my very pasty legs out quite a bit this week. Got to make the most of the weather I suppose. 

Wednesday and I am wearing a pale pink version of the Sorbetto which was made with out the pleat and the overall proportions were shrunk down to accommodate for the stretch in the T-shirting.

Thursdays Sorbetto was also made out of T-Shirting but since the pink one threatens to show my bra through I double lined the front which also meant that I didnt need to hem the neck and arm seams. Win. 
I went for an inverse pleat in the front of this one, and I do have to say this is probably my least successful version as the pleat is definitely off centre.  I think I might have to unpick it and move it…

Friday: Purple Gingham Sorbetto with
Mint skinny Jeans from New Look and
Brogues from New Look, modified by Me.
Saturday: Pink Sorbetto with Floaty Flowery
Trousers from Papaya (from Matalan)
White flats from New Look.

Friday’s outfit is my coffee date outfit for the week.  A friend of mine is on leave from the Navy and so is back down South. Since my plans for next week have changed we are meeting up this week instead. 

Saturday is my alternative Coffee Date outfit as you never know with plans… But I do love these trousers they are so floaty, but this does mean that I have to be very careful when I wear them as they can soak up water/ pick up twigs very easily. 

Sunday is a very casual outfit as for most of the day I will be wearing my sailing kit, I normally don’t change my kit too much for the journey home, so these are likely to be the trousers I am wearing and I will just change into my most casual Sorbetto to soak up a little sun and then go home. 

From then my plans have changed massively and I will be then getting on a train down to Weymouth to join another boat which I will be sailing for the week. 

Tomorrow I will post about what I am doing, be prepared to be very jealous 😀


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