Plans Change…

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Well I had planned that next week would be more of the same:
Wake up, 
Attempt to sew something, 
Start working around 11ish when the sun has moved round enough that I wont be blinded by it! 
Have lunch {preferable in the garden if the weather is nice enough},
Move work,
Blog about something,
Sleep *Rinse, Lather, Repeat*

But No! I received a phone call on Thursday that dramatically changed my plans. I’m off sailing…

I have sailed with T/S Pelican before and one of their watch leaders has dislocated her knee so they were short one watch leader with less than 4 days to find another one. So they called me up to see if I would be available at such short notice, and guess what, I AM 😀

As I looked back though my photos to try and find some decent ones for this post I can’t help but smile.

We had some amazing times and some less than wonderful times.
This time I am only going for a week so there wont be the same level of camaraderie we all felt after 3 months together (or 9 months in the case of certain people).

But I cannot wait to get back on board and blow the old cobwebs away again. 
Honestly it is a lot of hard work, but the good times are soo good because there are the bad times too. 
But it is something that I always wanted to do and once I had done it once I was HOOKED…

I will try and upload photos during the trip to our Facebook page as blogger on my mobile tends to reduce the quality of the images significantly. 

P.S. The poem in the images is the first verse of Sea Fever by John Masefield
Check the rest out here

*edited to replace photos*


2 thoughts on “Plans Change…

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