Sunday Sevens #27

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A shocking thing nearly happened, I nearly managed to publish my Sunday Sevens  post on a Sunday! And then life happened… so here is my Sunday Sevens post to link up with Natalie only a day late.


At the beginning of the week I went back to Poole to see Nan and Grandpa. The lawns there are covered in lovely yellow flowers, I’m sure the bees are having a field day.


I managed to get more knitting done on my OAL cardigan, but I still have a long way to go! I think I managed to get a good match with the fabric for the Trousers.

#oal2016 trousers

Speaking of Trousers, I made some trousers. Yay this is one of the things I’m most proud of at the moment. I am very happy that they are a good fit almost straight out of the ‘pack’. 🙂


I then made myself a top to complete the “Outfit”. This is a very bad photo of it as it is not finished yet. I need to re-do collar as I ended up cutting that too big. Ohps.


After Poole I went straight to Portsmouth for work, for a day, having a catch up planned with a friend that lives over that way I stayed on an extra night and got a lift down to Gunwharf Quays with one of the boats going down there for work. A day at Gunwharf means shopping. I think I was quite restrained and only bought these shoes from the Clark’s outlet and couple of things from the Bodyshop outlet.


In an attempt to stop me buying more stuff I did a lot of knitting and managed some more progress on my OAL Jumper which happened to coincide with World Wide Knit in Public Day


When staying a my friends house, his small human gave me a slightly creepy wake up call! Waking up to hearing my name being whispered and this giant duck on my bed was slightly shocking. lol.


Back in Soton we had a small harvest from the garden…

#sundaysevens  I'm not sure if this an artichoke or cardoon plant.

And doing a bit of research on Artichokes I am less sure whether the plant that we planted from a pack which claimed to be a globe artichoke, is actually an artichoke or not. It could be a cardoon instead. Any ideas anyone?



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