Mis-Interpreted Deadlines – Outfit Along 2016

So I had thought the deadline for 2016’s outfit along was today and I am still working on the second front for my cardigan. Despite working on the cardigan in many odd places I just didn’t have enough days this month where knitting was possible. 

It turns out I have an extra month to finish the cardigan. Woop.



Lots of boat knitting


Some early morning breakfast cafe knitting


Knitting during a quick trip to Poole to check the grandparents were all ok. 


Knitting in Gunwharf Quays wasting a day waiting for a friend

In the car at 2 am waiting for the AA man to fix the hire van. 

Keeping track of how many rows I had done/needed to do in the hotel in Buxton…
I think I have done well to get this far in 3 weeks! Looking back over my photos it feels like it was ages ago that I started and that I have been on the go the whole of that time. 

Considering I lost a week of knitting at the beginning of the month to finish off the garment I considered using last year my progress this year is vastly improved.

Hopefully the next month is a little calmer and gives me a chance to finish it off. 


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