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Finally! I have made myself a pair of trousers. This makes me insanely happy 🙂

The Outfit Along 2016 has finally kicked my arse enough to get round to making myself a pair of trousers. During my less than successful attempt at Me Made May made me realise that this is a section of my wardrobe that I need to fill.

Recently I bought a pair of trousers from Primark that are similar to the luna pants pattern from made by Rae. Which once I wore them I didn’t want to take off, so I decided to try and make something similar using a pattern from May’s Burda Style magazine, these are a plus size trouser #129.

I Traced out the size 44 pattern and cut it out of a lovely blue viscose fabric, from fabric land, with out adding seam allowances. I added bias binding flat piping on the edge of the pocket opening which I had modified from angled patch pockets to pocket bags.

#oal2016 trousers

The original pattern called for fluorescent ribbing for the waistband and cuffs but this was not the look I was going for. I tried the trousers on and decided to do a double fold hem on the bottom of the trousers, a total of at least 3cm.

#oal2016 trousers

I changed the waist so that it had a fabric covered elastic waistband, I serged the fabric to the elastic then folded it over the elastic securing this in place with a zig zag stitch. I then sewed the waist band onto the trousers with a straight stitch, stretching the elastic out to match the size of the trousers.

#oal2016 trousers

I always find that I have a waist that slopes down towards the front, so I took an inch of rise out of the CF of the trousers grading to nothing just beyond the pocket openings. I could cope with taking a bit more off the front, but I don’t like the crotch of my trousers too low but like my trousers to sit around my hip bones so I might try taking a bit of height off the whole way around.

#oal2016 trousers

Considering these trousers are designed for at least one size bigger than me (I have never cut anything too fitting from Burda so haven’t really studied the sizes too closely) and are designed to be ‘baggy’ I don’t think they are as baggy as I was expecting them to be, but they are damn comfortable. I need to make myself some more soon I think, possibly in beige and I did find some lovely grey in Fabric Land which might be a good colour.

#oal2016 trousers

I just had to get this photo in there, I can now wear a 100% Me-Made outfit with out looking too crazy. 🙂
I have worn these trousers everyday since I made them on Weds, to work and around Gunwharf yesterday and haven’t felt out of place at all.

Here is to many more of these, and future trouser endeavours. Have you ever braved making your own trousers or is that one step too far?


3 thoughts on “Burda Style Trousers

  1. Sheila

    Yes, I’ve made lots of trousers, although the most recent were actually shorts for hubby. My eight year old son is currently wearing the combat trousers with pockets that he made himself recently!! Yours look VERY comfy – I’m not surprised you haven’t taken them off yet:)

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks, they are super comfy but do crease quite a lot!
      I am jealous of all of your trouser making, I just need to get round to trying a bit more of a fitted patten and then working out how to fit it to my body!

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