My Latin Dress: Inspiration

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So I compete in Ballroom and Latin dancing with my university and in the competitions people wear some of the most amazing sparkly, fringed, sequinned outfits and with my love for these outfits and for sewing I’ve been wanting to make a dress for ages! So I finally decided I would just go ahead and do it, starting with a latin dress, because to be honest it’s just far simpler. 

In this post I’m going to go through some of the dress and styles that I looked at to get my inspiration. A series of posts should hopefully follow this showing the design and making of my dress all the way through to a lovely competition dress *fingers crossed*

Edit: Unfortunately some of the images have broken in this post.

I love love love this dress with it’s cut away sections and of course the colours of it and I think fringe dresses are really pretty and move well on the dance floor, however I hate to think how many stones there are on that top section and how long it took to put them all on there…

This has such great appliqué and stoning work. The contrasting colours really make it stand out. 

I really like the colouring and shape of this dress, but I think it might be a little too short, and that’s definitely saying something in the world of ballroom dancing…

I would love it if I could make something like this with all its cut out sections, but for my first dress I think it might be a little too complex. Maybe another time.

Although I’m not a huge fan of the colour (that’s easily changed) this draped style of dress would be lovely for Rumba. Not so great for Jive maybe…

A full bodied skirt with binding to make it stand out in a curved shape. I really like these skirts, although I have absolutely no idea how it would all be put together, it look pretty complex. 

Well that’s a brief look at some of the different types of latin dresses. Now time to go away to my sketchpad and draw (badly) some ideas of what I want my dress to look like.



6 thoughts on “My Latin Dress: Inspiration

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  4. Julia

    If you need to know how to cut dresses like the orange skirted one I would willing share my knowledge i have made lots of these types of dresses over the years … Are you in the UK?

    crinoline … I overlap by about 2 -3 inches and use iron on invisble hemming fibres between the layers which seems the hold and work for me…


    1. Nikki Post author

      Hi Julia,

      Yes I am in the UK. Thanks for that tip with the crinoline.
      I’m actually part way through a new dress project which will be using crinoline, so I will definitely have to try that to make sure the ends are finished off nicely!



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