Sunday Sevens #27

Pippa   20th June 2016   No Comments on Sunday Sevens #27

A shocking thing nearly happened, I nearly managed to publish my Sunday SevensĀ  post on a Sunday! And then life happened… so here is my Sunday Sevens post to link up with Natalie only a day late. At the beginning of the week I went back to Poole to see Nan and Grandpa. The lawns there are covered in lovely… Read more »


Sunday Sevens #26

Pippa   12th June 2016   2 Comments on Sunday Sevens #26

This weeks Sunday SevensĀ  is being written up on my phone as I have just got back from celebrating a friends birthday in Wycombe. Sunday sevens is organised by Natalie. This week we took delivery of a dehydrator and so harvested “a few” herbs from the back garden to try drying I also harvested the first salad leaves from the… Read more »

Sunday sevens #22

Pippa   27th April 2016   4 Comments on Sunday sevens #22

Late again. But at least slightly less late than last timesĀ  Sunday Sevens. Flying the large red ensign to mark the Queens birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the ones we had at the mast head as well. Coming back from town after an evening in spoons using the free WiFi the beach looked lovely. You could just… Read more »