Sunday Sevens #30

Pippa   17th July 2016   1 Comment on Sunday Sevens #30

Here is this weeks Sunday Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how my week has been going. This week we got some more harvests from the garden. Starting the week harvesting the potatoes we bought from the market in Totnes last time we were down there for my granddad’s birthday celebrations. We have… Read more »


Mis-Interpreted Deadlines – Outfit Along 2016


So I had thought the deadline for 2016’s outfit along was today and I am still working on the second front for my cardigan. Despite working on the cardigan in many odd places I just didn’t have enough days this month where knitting was possible.  It turns out I have an extra month to finish the cardigan. Woop. Lots of… Read more »

Sunday Sevens #26

Pippa   12th June 2016   2 Comments on Sunday Sevens #26

This weeks Sunday Sevens  is being written up on my phone as I have just got back from celebrating a friends birthday in Wycombe. Sunday sevens is organised by Natalie. This week we took delivery of a dehydrator and so harvested “a few” herbs from the back garden to try drying I also harvested the first salad leaves from the… Read more »