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So I wrote about the construction of my Green Shirt Dress the other day and said I would post some nice photos of it all finished, that arent selfies in my narrow corridor. Well the other weekend we celebrated my mum’s birthday and I hijacked Nikki for a little while to get her to take photos of the dress (and my green lopi cardigan so that will be shown soon too) so here are some of them.

Here are some basic, Pippa staring into the distance photos… As you can see the dress is really full length which is what I was aiming for so that it can be worn with heels, but it is a tad long when worn with trainers and on a very uneven lawn, lol. But I do love the fact that it hides the footwear which meant that I could wear trainers to the wedding and be comfortable without looking out of place. Essentially the footwear version of #SecretPyjamas. Widening the sleeve really helped with the fit and the sleeve placket means that it is possible to fold the cuffs up and have 3/4 length sleeves, I think I could probably roll it up once more still to give elbow length.

This fabric is quite dark so the folds where it isn’t fit 100% perfectly don’t show up too much but they are still a little noticeable, especially in the bust/shoulder area. I think there are two reasons for this that I would edit if I were to make this dress again. One is that the waist darts finish a little bit too high, this is partly they are a little too long and partly that the waist of the dress is a little too low. I think reducing all the seam allowances dropped the waist slightly on this dress, compared to the muslin but looking back the muslin’s waist might be a little bit too long as well. Combined I think these two things combined make it look a little too big in the bust area, but it does allow me to wear a proper padded bra under it, if I should ever be tempted by that one day…

The other set of draglines are evident whenever my arms are not down at my sides and I think this is a combination of the sleeve head and armscye design. It looks like I need more fabric at the seamline so that I can move my arm more easily without pulling at the bodice, but I am unsure at the moment if this is actually the right interpretation and if it is where exactly the extra width should be added so that is doesn’t make the bodice look too big when standing with the arms down. But all in all, I think the fit is pretty decent and certainly better than anything I could buy off the shelf.

These photos show it from more angles and show how the bodice looks a little long. Whilst I quite like the look of the dress from the back the extra length there is out of keeping with the more fitted front and I think adding more length to the front wouldn’t work, because whilst the back waistband is held in place at my waist due to the curve in my back the same doesn’t happen at the front, so the extra length just drops the waistband rather than adding extra volume. Depending on how enthusiastic I am feeling I may go back and adjust the waistband or it may just stay as it is…

And here are some twirly photos because having a bit swishy skirt was a large part of the design idea I had to get some photos of me spinning around in the garden! And also whilst we were at it I got Nikki to snap a photo of just how long my hair is at the moment because it really is quite long. I used to keep it cut to roughly my waistband length which is maybe a couple of inches lower than my natural waist but it is growing much longer than that atm, and yes I do still cut it! I will cut maybe 3-4″ off the bottom from time to time when it is getting a bit scraggly.

So what do we think, do I need another version? Added bonus it was a bit chilly when we took these photos so I have a pair of trousers under the dress. 🙂


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