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Lol to the fact that my last post was over a year and a half ago and was along the lines of woo, got my mojo back.

Narrator: “She did not, in fact, have her mojo back…”

There has been a lot going on in the last 20 months (omg has it really been that long since I last posted!) and there has been a bit of sewing going on in the background so I should at least have a few projects to talk about even if it takes me a while to get round to actually talking about/making anything new.

In the last post I talked about making some Simone overalls, a Zero waste shirt, some zero-waste trousers, surprisingly I have made all of these, I also made some underwear, a crop top bra, the French terry did turn into a cardigan, but I have to admit Mum only got one pair of trousers but she did also inherit numerous clothes from my wardrobe instead. I think this is quite a good completion rate for my plans and reflects the additional level of thought that I put into the selection of items to sew.

In 2022 in addition to these items I also sewed a Seamwork Bertie to wear to a friend’s wedding, another modified Seamwork Aberdeen, a PJ Top, shorts and trousers, finally finished my “riddari” jacket (I can’t believe I haven’t even shared that on IG yet!), knit a lopi vest, knit many pairs of socks, tested the Forth Hat, did copious amounts of mending, and got cold enough to sew myself a fleece “boiler suit”.

The end of 2022 saw a massive change in our lives when Nan went downhill and I started 2023 isolating in Devon with Covid, during this time Nan passed away. I am very glad it didn’t happen during the Christmas period and although we will always miss her it is good that she isn’t suffering anymore. So 2023 started as the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives.

Since then I have mostly been living at my parent’s house in Devon which has separated me from my sewing machine for a lot of the year and whilst I have a lot more free time as I’m not having to help Nan multiple times a day there has been a lot of work that has needed doing here to keep the buildings alive and reclaim the garden, as well as creating a whole new veg garden and flower growing area from scratch.

2023 did allow me to make some things: I tested the Eddie Smock from Goldfinch textiles, sewed three Envelope dresses, tested the Pincha overalls which I literally wore for a week straight after trying them on, during the heat wave – they have yet to have the hems finished!, started knitting a baby blanket for a good friend (this still needs to be finished!), built a flower arch at a friends wedding, grew and dried a load of flowers and started practising using natural dyes to dye fabrics and seamed and knit the neckband on a cardigan that my partner’s grandmother had started before she ended up in hospital in 2022 and the instructions for finishing it were lost in their move into sheltered accommodation.

2024 is providing even more changes and I will have my own sewing space again soon so hopefully there will be more sewing again soon, and it will be documented again, which is honestly the bit I am much worse at…


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