2020 Make Nine Plans

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As is traditional with the start of a new year I have been looking back on what I planned to make last year and what I actually managed to make from those plans (click the links in the captions to find out) and then planning ahead for the next year.

So for 2020, I have done a Make Nine and a Use Nine grid again to try and fill gaps in my wardrobe and use some of those fabrics that I have already.

Top row:

Beige Sasha Trousers, this Closet Case Patterns wardrobe staple should be making another appearance in my wardrobe this year hopefully. I am planning to finally make a beige pair but this is probably going to be very fabric specific. I wear beige or navy trousers pretty much all summer for uniform and would love to have a pair that fit me properly. With that in mind, there may also be another blue pair on the horizon as my last pair are insanely comfortable but the fabric is wearing out a little in places as it is a tad thin.

Black pinafore dress thing, taking a step away from my comfort zone with this one but I think that a dress a bit like the seamwork Bryn Members bonus might be a fairly versatile addition to my wardrobe. I like the high back and button-down front but am slightly unsure of the french darts which seem to fall a bit weirdly on some of the versions I have seen. But made up in black fabric will give me a lot of room to hide any weirdness on the first wearable muslin.

Riddari Jumper, this one is a slight cheat as I have one in progress currently for my cousin as a Christmas present. Yes yes I know Christmas has gone but when I learnt that our schedules wouldn’t match up to actually be able to see him before he flew to NZ for NY I put down the rush knitting and spent more time doing other things over the festive period. This should be finished soon. But (and there is always a but somewhere…) after shrinking my Riddari in the wash slightly it has been rehomed with my Mother, so there might be another one for me in the works some time.

Second Row:

Loose Tee, I am planning to try out the Stellan Tee from French Navy and if this pattern works then I will probably make a few of these in various fabrics as I am missing this style of top in my handmade wardrobe

Belemnite Dress, from Marilla Walker. I am really looking forward to this one as I have followed Marilla for many years, possibly before she even started making patterns and whilst I have loved her previous patterns I have never made any of them as they were not what I was looking for at the time. But for some reason recently I have been drawn to big sleeves and I really want to make a top version of this dress and see how they feel on me.

Everyday Jumper, whilst I am slowly amassing more hand knits that I would have ever thought it was possible for me to make when I first started out knitting, I am still missing that everyday jumper. I adore this green version by @schmettlanie_loves but I might switch the pattern to Cozy Classic Raglan as it has a far more inclusive size range. And because I can’t ever knit anything as it is written, convert it to be knit on the knitting machine, more for practice than anything else.

Bottom Row:

Teal Blouse, this kind of thing has been at the back of my mind for a long time. Since finishing my Rachel shirt ( and making a shirt dress from that pattern) I now feel that I might be able to actually make it in a more drapey fabric for more of a luxurious outfit. I even have the fabric for this one already.

Simple Skirt, during the winter I do love leggings for enabling you to add extra layers and keep warm but I have a staggering lack of skirts. I think I need maybe two simple winter skirts (or shorts). The first is likely to be the Leonora skirt by Seamwork (pictured here)

Aran Jumper, I WILL finish my Aran jumper this year. I managed to get as far as casting on the back of the jumper again (after recalculating it) but it got put aside for christmas knitting. 2020 is the year of finishing this.

Hmm looking at my Use Nine square you would think that I had a bit of a tendency towards a certain colour wouldn’t you. Well tbh there isn’t actually much of this colour in my wardrobe yet, but there is a lot on my fabric shelves thankfully.

Top Row:

Grey and Gold ‘Wool’, this was bought at the Sewisfaction pop up at Sew Hayley Jane back in May. I think this is destined for a winter skirt ticking off an item from both my Make and Use Nine lists.

Burgandy Crepe, this was also from the Sewisfaction pop up and I am thinking the Belemnite top but it might be turned into something else yet.

Teal remnant, this fabric is leftover from my SOI Amelia Jacket that I made for Lottie and Matts wedding and I am planning to make some high waisted shorts to go with it. Possibly the Seamwork Heidi shorts.

Middle Row:

Bottle Green heavy viscose from Tia Knight, I love this heavy viscose fabric and the fact that they are getting it in more colours. This is destined for the Stellan Tee to see how it fits.

Micro Fleece, this Teal Micro Fleece Jersey Backed Soft Sports Fabric is calling out to be used this winter but I am unsure what to make yet. But possibly a ‘cardigan’ of some variety

Teal polyester crepe, This fabric is the leftover fabric from making Aneesa’s Salwar Kameez and I am planning a shirt from it. I have been hoarding it for nearly 3 years now. Its time to use it…

Bottom Row:

Floral woven Viscose, I managed to snaffle this remnant from Nikki and am planning all the makes with it. Some kind of long-sleeved top and hopefully a cami if I can fit them both in.

Red Tartan cotton fabric, this is destined for PJ’s the question is how much can I fit into the 2m that I have? Ideally, I would fit a collared top, shorts and trousers. But if not the trousers would be the first to be scrapped

Coral Paint Strokes Viscose, this is probably lined up for a Stellan tee. Or possibly a very drapey Oslo cardigan. We will see…


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      Thank you very much for that, I have just emerged from an Instagram rabbit hole checking out other peoples versions of that dress and I think it is a much better fit for what I am looking for. Will 100% need to add pockets to it though…

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