WIP Assesment – K01

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In true Pippa fashion I started writing this and then didn’t finish it. But here is a run down of my WIPS as of early Dec 19:

I have been listening to the back episodes of Knit British (now known as Wool Work) I have currently made it to Ep 55 which is all about assessing your ongoing WIPs (Works in Progress) and it has got me thinking about what WIPs I have on the go atm. Here I am going to look at my knitting ones and might come back to other crafts later.

Wips that are feeling the love:

After running down my special wools I cast on my Autumnal Shawl, which as I write this is just finishing off drying thoroughly from blocking, before being removed from the yoga mat and I get to wrap myself up in its gorgeous squishyness, and I have finally bitten the bullet and calculated the shaping for my Aran Sweater and cast on the back. But that may get put on the back burner as it gets overtaken by Christmas knitting…

Sleeve of a cream aran jumper sitting on grey sofa cushions

I also cast on for my Llama Una shawl/scarf/wrap thing, this is turning into a bit of a make it up as you go project because I have been using different patterns on each triangle but I still think that I am going to need at least one other skein to make this a useable size. But that wool is not actually produced anymore so might have to find a different wool that matches
These triangles are going to need to be blocked as I go to ensure that they end up the same size. The colours of these are so gorgeous…

A lovely deep teal triangle shawl segment drying pinned out with many pins!

Aran WIP of Doom:

The Aran jumper wip that was already in my stash has been there for a long time, and came from my grandmother’s cupboard and was started by my mother, possibly before I was born.
This knit is very time-consuming, even more so than my own Aran jumper, as I am knitting a bramble stitch section at the moment and the wool is so scratchy/rustic (ie it still has bits of tree in it) that I really have to have enthusiasm to knit it and currently, it is lacking…

The back of a very densly patterned aran jumper sits on my garden table.

Abandoned Log Cabin Blanket:

I started a scrap log cabin blanket many moons ago trying to use up a load of the small scrappy balls of wool that I had inherited from my grandmother. I was trying to make it random by using dice rolls to work out how many garter rows each clour would have which made it a little complicated to get it square. I think I have 4 blocks made, and it will produce a lovely squishy blanket when finished. You never know that might happen this decade…

two scrappy green brown a cream coloured knitted log cabin blocks sit on a blue and white table cloth.

Looking at the photos of the blocks I am reminded just how lovely and warm that blanket would be and how portable the project is. It might possibly turn out to be my sailing project for summer 2020.

I also have another jumper on the needles at the moment which is a Christmas present, the recipient is currently on holiday in NZ so it should be finished by the time they return.


2 thoughts on “WIP Assesment – K01

  1. tialys

    You have been busy with the needles!
    Great idea to have the blocks as your summer project – you won’t get too hot and bothered with individual pieces – weather permitting! It looks as if it will turn into a lovely blanket.
    As for your shawl/scarf/wrap thingy – is it the colour you need to match or the wool? I can’t remember whether you were incorporating different colours. If it’s just the wool Yarnsub is a really good place to find an alternative – you might already know the site but here’s a link in case https://yarnsub.com/

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah I have come across yarn sub before but keep forgetting about it.
      It’s the wool that I need to replace as it seems that they don’t produce the wool anymore.
      I have some wool to try out but it seems a little thinner. We will see what happens
      Yeah smaller pieces are good for dinner projects as they pack down much smaller into my sailing bag. I do get odd looks when half my bag is wool, sailing kit is bulky enough as it is


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