Summer Sevens #104

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

So I sat down to write this post and then life got in the way again! so you now have a few extra weeks tagged on the end.

Somehow two months have passed since I last posted on here, notoriously summer is a busy time for me and this year was no exception. Although I have been giving myself a bit more time to myself and haven’t been working non-stop this year (until I run myself into the ground – like I did last year!), I haven’t been in front of my computer much at all, which has been really quite nice but I do feel really out of touch with some things. My main reason for being incommunicado has been leaving my laptop at home in Soton and not spending much time here at all. Since July 1st (when I started my habit tracking) I have slept in my own bed 9 times (less than once a week)!

Since July I have:

Trained Wounded Veterans onboard the Sunsail yachts and then raced in the Round the Island Race, since then they have been presented with an award for outstanding seamaship during the race:

Monday sevens 104

A very special crew for Round the Island Race. More about that another time

Then straight into two more charters.

Had a few days off with Arthur, we spent some time at Chilworth Manor,  then we spent more of our time off helping get Emily of Cowes ready for racing at Tattinger Regatta, Yarmouth IOW.

Monday sevens #104

So during my time off from Sailing and Boat Maintenance I did – Sailing and Boat Maintenance! *servicing winches on Emily of Cowes*

Monday sevens #104

Nikki Joined us to take the boat to Yarmouth and race in Tattinger Regatta.

Back to Sunsail for two Teenage Weeks:

Monday sevens #104

Joyous weather for sailing with Teenagers

Monday sevens #104

Slightly less good weather for week 2. And yes they did burn the spaghetti that badly!

Cowes Week:

Monday sevens #104

Cowes week was a little different for me this year as I only sailed two days and fixed the boats the rest of the time.

Another Teenage Week, straight into 4 days sailing with my family:

Monday sevens #104

More lovely sailing weather for teenagers. Mini Zee gained a sailing buddy during cowes week

Monday sevens #104

Some far for glorious weather for sailing with the family over the bank holiday weekend! >.<

Some time at home before Corporate racing into a cross channel race into more corporate racing (incorporating Southampton Boat Show) (read: lots of Very windy sailing!):

Monday sevens #104

Time at home generally means lots of cooking gets done. And I found a new nature reserve near me.

Monday sevens #104

Racing Emily of Cowes in the RORC Cherbourg race and the rest of the weekend in Cherbourg.

Monday sevens #104

The last few events of my sailing season were some of the windiest I have raced in! It never looks anywhere near as bad in photos…

I hope everyone else had a good summer. I will do a bit more of an indepth recap of a few of the things over summer, and show you a few of the things I actually made over the summer.

I am very much looking forward to Autumn and planning all the sewing and making that I can get done over my down period. What are you Autumn Winter sewing plans? Do you make any?

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