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Now that I’m back from sailing the whole time I am thinking about what I want to sew, so I have had a look at my progress on my #makenine plans.

Make Nine-update

So far I have managed to finish my blanket and my Sasha trousers (minus hemming them) and started on a nice floaty blouse for me. I am switching out my knitted shawl from my plans as I think this is going to get put on the back burner for now, and I am switching in some PJ’s. Admittedly this is a little bit of a cheat as I have already made these this summer for my Summer of Basis plans, which tbh didn’t actually get finished but in the spirit of the challenge I didn’t want to make something just for the hell of finishing a challenge and not because it was actually needed.

I will post about my PJ’s once I have mended them (yes they have got that much use this summer) and photographed them. They are made out of a thin floaty woven viscose from Fabric Land and have been a godsend over the heat wave we had this summer. Along with the big viscose rectangle which counted as a sheet but was light enough for the very warm weather.

I still want to sew another pair of jeans, I am just looking for some stretchy denim to make them out of.

My plans are still to make a soft shell jacket but these have been put on the back burner a little since I was given a very useful on at the beginning of this year by a colleague so my need for one that fits me in the arms is less pressing. I am now on the look for some decent soft shell and wool fabrics to make a two material one like Nikki’s jacket that she picked up in TK Maxx and has been in heavy rotation for the last 5 years

Rumana coat: I have the pattern. I really want to tackle that this offseason but I don’t have a clue what fabric I want to use yet. A lot of thought will be being put into that over the coming weeks. And lots of reading up on best coat making practice, what 101 extras I need, and what I can get away without.

Knitted Jumper: I am still umming and ahhing over what to actually put in this slot. But possibly a Gansey style jumper. I have ordered a shade card of Frangipani 5ply yarn to see what it felt like and what colours are available. If I do go for this wool this will really be a long-term project!
I might just sub in finishing the handmedown knitting project that I picked up from my mother. It is going to require some brain work to find out what is left to do and where I got to on the sleeves!

Guernsey wool shade card

Bra: I might just bite the bullet and buy a kit for this, to kick me into actually making this. I have a pattern already just need the motivation to actually start.

Other additions:

More PJs: I am planning a flannel or brushed cotton set of Pyjamas for winter, possibly with both shorts and trousers. I am on the lookout for decent fabric for this. These are some posibilities I have found:

I am planning some more basic Tshirts, I purchesed the Work to Weekend Ebook from Sew Over It I think the first thing that I wil make from it is the boat neck Tshirt. I am also planning to modify the non fitted block from Sew your own Activewear book by Fehr Trade and another roll neck tee – either the Renfrew pattern or the tight fitting block from SYOAW.

There are many more things that I need to add to my wardrobe but I need to think more about what it is that I actually need and what colours go well together so more thought is going to be put into that before I buy any new fabric. I will try and do an Autumn wardrobe planning post soon, once I have had a bit of an inventory of my wardrobe.

What sewing plans do you have? Is the change in weather giving you new inspiration or making you less likely to sew?


4 thoughts on “Pippa’s Make Nine Update

  1. tialys

    You are so organised!!
    I love the look of that red coat but it’s a bit formal for my lifestyle. I was having a little look at Deer and Doe’s new swing coat pattern ‘Opium’ yesterday but it says ‘expert’ for the level and I don’t count myself as an expert by any means. Having said I’d never make jeans or a coat, here I am with an (almost) finished pair of jeans that are too tight but at least I made some – and looking at coat patterns. How did your Gingers turn out? If you find some decent denim with the right amount of stretch, please share – my jeans would fit me if I’d only bought some fabric with a bit more stretch :(.
    Very brave of you to try bra making. A kit would probably be a good idea to motivate you because, if and when the mood takes you, you will have everything you need to hand and can just get stuck in.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yes the red coat does look quite posh. I have a similar teal one that is just getting a little small (mostly in the arms) but I used to get away with wearing it day to day. Being long it used to keep my legs nice and warm unlike most coats.
      my jeans turned out ok, but they were a bit tight too. The denim had enough stretch but the pocket stays didn’t so I had to cut them off the fly attachment to give the stomach area a little more give in it. I don’t tend to wear them that much as they are not as comfortable as my current rtw ones, but they probably need more wearing in!

      1. tialys

        It’s a shame – everyone else seemed to have success with their Ginger jeans. Realistically, I won’t ever wear mine unless I want to give myself internal organ damage but I wanted to say I made some and, once I’ve sewn the back pockets jeans button on, I will have done, even if they never see the light of day.

        1. Pippa Post author

          Lol. Well yes you can now tick that box. I’m going to try wearing mine more this autumn and see what it is that I don’t quite like about them.
          I have a feeling that it might be that their waist is a bit high for me. And if so make another pair worn at the hips and see if that stops the organ squishing.
          I like the look of high waisted jeans but they always seemed a bit restrictive.


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