Summer of Basics – Jumper – Planning

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For my summer of basics, I have planned to knit a summer Jumper, based loosely on the one that I bought last year for Spikes Funeral because I didn’t own anything thing that was yellow enough for the day. I have worn this jumper loads since then as it is very easy to throw over anything that I am wearing and adds some colour to my outfit.

Summer of basics plans

I drew some inspiration from a jumper that a friends mother wore to our national dance competition – which I’m still kicking myself for not getting a photo of.

It was a blue and white striped jumper that had some lace work in the white stripes, it realy caught my knitters eye and when I was coming to plan the knitting part of my Summer of Basics it sprung back to mind, so I set about searching Ravelry with this idea in mind for some inspiration:

But as usual, I went off in my own direction and designed something of my own making. I am getting better at this and actually swatched for this (and blocked it), but based on the width of the back of my jumper I didn’t actually stretch it out enough so the finished garment may come out a little large! The design has thin blue stripes between white lattice lace sections.

Unfortunately, my normal summertime constraints and wanting to cast the jumper on before I left for Buxton so that I could make the most of the long car and train journeys for extra knitting time, meant that I had to buy the yarn from the local hardware stores rather limited selection rather than managing to select the type of yarn I wanted.

I had been thinking about knitting this in cotton or linen yarns for a true summer jumper and one that would last a lifetime. But I am knitting it from King Cole Baby Big Value 4 Ply in a cream and baby blue colour.

I took a slight deviation from the normal Navy colours of a Mariniere jumper to make it a little more summery and as I feel that I have a bit too much navy in my wardrobe at the minute.

Monday sevens #103


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