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So this years roundup of Sewing and Knitting (to come soon) has taken a little while in the making, partly due to editing the photos for it. I got given a “new” laptop at Christmas as my old one was finally giving up the ghost and didn’t work unless it was plugged into the power and worked at a snail’s pace. My new one is much better but only new in the sense that it is new to me, and was struggling with the photo editing so we bought more RAM for it and it can now just about cope with the images so I have finally got round to writing up all of my year’s sewing.

Thanks to the marvel that is my photo back up I was able to work out almost all of the things that I sewed this year, I am only missing photos of a few items sewn at Christmas time, even if I haven’t got nice finished photos of them all. As is expected my most productive months are in the winter and there are a few months in the summer that I didn’t achieve any sewing, I am pretty sure that if I hadn’t needed a ball gown for two events over the summer there would have been at least two more months without any sewing.

The year started off with a lot of dress/leotard sewing, making 4 latin outfits and 3 bodysuits for myself, channelling my inner 80’s workout chic – or just trying to keep warm… After all that stretch sewing I settled down for one of our biggest challenges making two outfits for a friend to wear to her cousin’s wedding; a Salwar Kameez and a Jodi Bohra, which required fitting to someone that was not present, but is thankfully very similar in size to Nikki, and some lovely appliques. Nikki made the skirt and scarf for the Jodi Bohra and sourced all of the fabric, trims and appliques…

After conquering that challenge I set about conquering one of my own challenges, Jeans! I am still shocked that I managed a pair but the instructions for the Ginger Jeans can get anyone through that challenge. There are more of these planned for 2018.

As with every year, there were many Tshirts as these are a staple of my wardrobe but I branched out more from my usual Renfrew Tshirt. This year I also sewed a number of dresses, one floor length Velvet Gown with two interchangeable tops (circle cowl, and crop top), two Zephyr dresses and a non-stretch fit and flare dress, and a red velvet faux wrap dress that I have been planning for a year and a half. Unfortunately, two of these dresses were made for funerals this year but I intend to wear them as much as possible in memory of my Uncle and my Friend.

The biggest challenge at the end of the year was making two matching Latin dresses in a very short space of time before a competition. Followed closely behind by creating a number of bags from an old sail, the material is very stiff and requires a leather needle to sew through it on my standard machine. Talking of leather needles I also did some leather work at the end of the year, producing a snips case and a pincushion for one of my #stitchingsanta recipients.

Below is a list of the items that I made during the year. * indicates that it was made for someone else ^ indicates it was a collaboration with Nikki

Hi-Low Latin Dress*^
Assymetric Latin Skirt and Leotard*^
Black Tie Dye Body
SUBLDS Crop top*^
Green/Black Body
White (+Pink) Body
White (+Pink) Geneva
Nikki Latin Dress*^
Waterfall Cardigan
Orange Blouse*
Mustard Leggings*
Anchor Shirt Dress (Still needs buttons!)
Grey Ponte Zephyr
Turquoise and Gold Salwar Kameez*^
Mini Skirt
Blue Ponte Leggings
Turquoise Leggings*
SUBLDS dresses January SUBLDS dresses
Bodysuits January Bodysuits
AneesasClothing January wedding outfit

Ginger Jeans
Black Ballroom Leotard
Silky Stowe Bag
Raglan Renfrew Technical Tshirt
Thick Viscose Jane Tshirt

Cowl Neck Renfrew Dress
Ginger Jeggings
Cotton Interlock Boat Neck Tee
Grey Waterfall Cardigan*

March March’s sewing


Mustard “oslo-drift”
Morrocan Print Gretta
Black Zephyr
Grey “Oslo-Drift”
More Underwear
Spotty Minttu

April April’s sewing

July-sept-oct July, Sept, Oct sewing

Velvet Ball Gown
Circle Flounce (For Gown)


Velvet Crop Top (for Gown)


Flowery Funeral Dress


Laundry Day Tee
Ribbed Renfrew
Two Matching Latin Dresses*

NovemberNovember’s sewing

Sail material Hold-all
Leather Snips case + Pincushion*
Three “Stowe” Bags*
Burda Style #108 05/2016 top and dress
Red Astoria Jumper
Grey “Christmas Jumper”
Red “Christmas Jumper”*
Two Sailcloth Wash Kit Bags*
Sailcloth “Pencil case”
DecemberDecember Sewing


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  1. tialys

    Wow! You have been busy! I think my favourite of all your makes – although I only have small photos to judge by – is the cowl neck Renfrew dress which looks amazing on you, fitting in all the right places.

  2. sewchet

    Well, you obviously need to have more Renfrews in your life, because that’s my favourite, too! A really impressive year of sewing, I’d say, even more so seeing as you had a couple of sewing-free months.


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