Pippa’s 2017 Makes – Knitting

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Here is this year’s round-up of Knitting projects, to complement my round-up of sewing achievements that I posted last week. Again my most productive months have been in the winter as I have more spare time then but I always seem to have some knitting on the go during the summer as this is much more portable than my sewing.

This year I achieved my ambition of knitting up a colourwork yoked sweater, only modified to have a zip up the front, although I was able to wear it for our mini break to Scotland I have yet to really secure the zip in correctly but it now has reinforcement inside the collar now so its finished enough for the moment.

This year I managed 3 pairs of socks, casting on the 4th but then getting stuck in a slump somewhere around the heel. I am just not loving the stitch pattern, but when I get back to them I will be starting the actual pattern not just ribbing so let us see if that helps the motivation.

Also this year I finished the jumper I had been knitting for my cousin, that my nan had started knitting. I haven’t seen this on yet and I hope the arms were long enough for him. I will have to investigate if they are or not.

Jan: Faslane Socks

Feb: Car Knitting Socks II
Riddari Swatch
Riddari Sleeve

March: Started Wedding Peacock
Riddari Sleeve 2
Robs Jumper
Riddari Body (started)
Cast on Cropped Jumper
May: Finished Riddari Jumper

knitting Jan-march

This year I received my first serious knitting commission from someone outside of the family. One of my friends from Pelican (a previous recipient of my hats) requested me to knit up some hats for the youth workers that worked with him. They were designed to match the colours on their logo and after the initial order of 3 hats I got a request for nine more, and once they arrived a request for one more! (Apologies for how long it took to post that final one Lyam!)

July: First Three GMAS Hats
August: Oatmeal Socks
Sept: Seed Stitch Cardigan
October: Cast on Green Socks

July - Oct knitting

After knitting a shawl for last years Christmas eve cast on I finally got round to adding a border on it as it wasn’t getting as much use as it probably should have been getting as it was just that little bit too small. As well as that I knit a few Christmas presents this year but tried not to go overboard.

Nov: Nine More GMAS Hats
Brioche Cowl
Blue Chain Hat
Border on Last Years Christmas shawl
“Final” GMAS Hat
Dec: Crochet Fairy lights
Lopi Leg Warmers
Black Legwarmers
Seafoam Cables Blanket
Mini Gnome head (Crochet)
Chocolate Orange Hats (Crochet)

knitting nov-dec

And two last images because somehow I managed to miss it out of the round-up images: my finished Riddari Jumper… (I really need to get some decent photos of it!)

Riddari Jumper
Riddari Jumper


6 thoughts on “Pippa’s 2017 Makes – Knitting

  1. Dartmoor Yarns

    Lots of lovely knitting – always a pleasure to see. Love your Riddari cardigan – look forward to seeing some more photos. After that I think my favourite are the crochet fairy lights. Wondering if you might be a wee bit hatted out now and giving hats a miss in 2018? 🙂

    1. Pippa Post author

      Aww thanks. I just reinforced the neck of it last week so it should get more wear, and good photos…
      Lol you would have thought I was, but my first FO of 2018 was a head band and my second one is likely to be another one…

  2. tialys

    Wow! That cardigan looks very complicated, well done you. Yes, more photos of it please. Did you blog about the fairy lights? I might have missed it. So cute.

    1. Pippa Post author

      No I hadn’t blogged about the fairy lights as they were a “secret” advent present for Nikki.
      More photos coming soon I promise. Ok soon might be a stretch but as soon as possible


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