A/W ’16/17 Sewing Plans – a Review

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So it’s that time of year again where I make my sewing plans. Last year I made some plans for my Autumn Winter sewing and I thought I would do the same again this year and take a look back to see what I actually managed to achieve of my planned sewing from last year. I also made a #makenine pledge at the beginning of 2017. Lets see how that went…

A/W 2016:

  • Deer and Doe Zephyr in Grey Ponte
  • Finish Grey Seamwork aberdeen
  • Make Jeans
  • Aladdin Trousers
  • A coat
  • More basic tops
– Finished
Made 🙂
– I never got round to these
– This is still on my list 🙁


2017 #makenine:

    • Deer and Doe Zephyr – Yes and Yes
    • Jeans – Yes
    • A Bra – No 🙁
    • Cowl neck top – Well I made a dress
    • Tshirt with cuff tabs – Not yet 🙁
    • More Renfrews/generic tshirts – Yes
    • Legging – Still on the list
    • Posh Dress – I have made a floor length one just not a short one
    • Coat – This one always gets put off!


So rolling over the few left over things from last year and combining them with the remainder of my Make Nine pledge I still have 6 items on my list:

  • A Coat – this one sems to be on there for ever tbh
  • A Bra – I even have a pattern for this now.
  • Aladdin trousers – I just need to work the pattern out
  • Tshirt with cuff tabs
  • Thermal Leggings – I need to find the right fabric for this
  • Short posh frock

Lets see if I can finish this list before the end of 2017, I’m sure producing some kind of coat will take me that long! But hopefully the rest of the list can be scratched off before too long, as I am certainly going to be adding to it soon as a create my A/W 2017 list!

Do you plan for your seasonal sewing or do you just sew what ever catches your fancy at the time?



5 thoughts on “A/W ’16/17 Sewing Plans – a Review

  1. Sheila Harvey-Larmar

    The only thing I plan in advance is my dress for Ascot. Otherwise, I either fall in love with a fabric or a style. Apart from my monthly makes for Minerva Crafts, that is. It’s definitely coat-making weather so that should be your next make!

    1. Pippa Post author

      A coat is on my list but I don’t think it will be the next project. I haven’t sewn properly in ages so I need something to ease me back in.

  2. tialys

    I’m not a planner either – just whatever floats my boat at any particular moment is what gets made. What was the Deer & Doe Zephyr dress like? I bought the pattern for my daughter last Christmas but don’t think she’s made it yet.

    1. Pippa Post author

      I generally do that for which project I actually start but try to have an overarching plan.
      Yeah I really like it. I needed to adjust the shoulders a bit and go down a bit in size. It’s quite easy to fit as it had princess seams.
      I changed the skirt to a circle skirt as I like that better.

  3. Kim

    The thermal lycra from Funkifabrics is wonderful. I made some leggings/trousers last winter and I love them. They have stood up well to very frequent washing too!
    Your plan is a good idea. I really ought to work with a plan rather than my scattergun approach.


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