Monday Sevens #70

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Well I started off this week by trying to do something with the glut of fruit we had received, so I got the dehydrator out of the loft and made some dried pear slices. Not sure I like these as much as the dried apple slices we made last year, but they are still tasty.


I also did a quick bit of electrickery as I wanted to connect my TV up to the aerial since we actually have a TV license now… but it turns out we had removed the coax box when we repainted the lounge since we didn’t use it… well a quick bit of a clean up for the box and some connecting up and now I can watch all of the american crime drama!


I headed off down to Poole for a bit this week to see my Grandmother and hopefully get some work done… Check out the whopper of sage bush that we have growing in the garden.


I had to do some more repairs as well because I didn’t have any internet when I got there. Turns out there was a nick in the cable so I just had to climb into the hedge and re-splice the cable back together… with my trusty toolkit of a kitchen knife, pliers and electrical tape. It all worked quite successfully though!


That productivity for actually doing work didn’t really materialise though… However I have cast-on my blanket and got started on that in earnest! Each row takes me absolutely ages though, especially the ones with 21 cables in them!!


I also decided to dye the ends of my hair again =) Last year I did them purple, this time it’s blue! Now they were meant to be light blue through the dark blue… But I’m not really impressed by the dark blue, it all looks the same. So the ends might need a second treatment and I’ll see how that turns out. But yay blue hair!


Hope you all had a super enjoyable week as well!

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