Monday Sevens #71

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Unfortunately some of our tomato plants have started to get blight 🙁 so I had to do a big harvest of tomatoes some of which are not ripe yet, but they do make a pretty rainbow! Hopefully they will ripen up and I can use them for cooking/eating!


We made some tomato sauce from the tomatoes first of all, which is super tasty 🙂 Looking forward to using this sometime soon.


I also made a bit of a meal from my childhood with our Beef tomatoes. These have cheese and some chives on them, and then cooked in the microwave. So delicious!!!


I actually used the charging ports on the bus when I headed down to dinner with some friends!


I got some new syrup for my coffee as well this week! A whole litre of salted caramel! (sorry for the blurry photo)


I also re-dyed my hair, still not particularly dark at the ends, but it is a bit paler at the tops which makes the gradient much nicer. 🙂

Pippa has quite a few pictures for this post as well because she hasn’t posted them in a while.

Pippa has been away sailing for two weeks doing “Teenage Week” with sunsail. Thankfully there was some time to chill out and some gorgeous views at times.
Teenage week and a harvest

Teenage week and a harvest
Teenage week and a harvest
Teenage week and a harvestTeenage week and a harvest

Some more knitting was accomplished this week but I did have to rip this back to about half way and re knit it
Teenage week and a harvest

In addition to teaching teenagers how to sail Pippa has also been assessed for her day skipper qualification. Part of this is calculating tides and passages.
Teenage week and a harvest

Pippa has been harvesting some more fruit and veg from our Nan’s garden and spent some time smelling the roses

Teenage week and a harvest
Garden spoils

Some spoils from the garden. 🙂
Garden spoils

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