Monday Sevens #68

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Carrying on with some new recipes we tried Chorizo and butter bean hash which turned out to be very tasty 🙂 Although next time I think I’ll just fry the eggs separately, it would probably be much easier!

Monday sevens #68

I tend to have some candles on my desk when I’m working as it’s a nice environment, but I actually used up some of my candles!! So I had a quick trip to IKEA where I replenished my stock so that I can have pretty candles whilst I work. 🙂 These ones are raspberry, apple and passion flower & mango.
Monday sevens #68

I managed to squeeze in a quick bit of work on the thesis as I was on the train on the way to Oxford to head up to Manchester for a good friend’s stag do. I got to be an honorary gentleman for the weekend…

Monday sevens #68

Up in Manchester I got a bit of a taster of skiing at the indoor ski slope whilst the rest of them were whizzing down the main slope. It was a chilly -2 degrees out there on the snow, definitely fun though. After that we headed to Manchester city centre for some dinner and drinks, even finding ourselves a jazz festival to listen to as well.


Monday sevens #68

Monday sevens #68

We have managed to harvest a few bits from our garden this week. A spattering of tomatoes have ripened but not a glut yet, we have harvested a load of plums from our very tasty but very spikey plum tree (these have gone with our parents as as much as I like plums I never really know what to do with them), and the brambles spilling over from the train line have supplied us with some nice ripe blackberries whilst we wait for our thornless one to ripen.


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  1. Nikki

    Yeah it’s been a bit rubbish! We’ve had hardly any courgettes this year, they all keep dying 🙁 and there are so many slugs and snails!! But thankfully our garden seem to be pretty good for tomatoes, and we’ve got a fair number of blackberries coming through which is nice 🙂 Just got to work out what to do with them now!


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