And I’m knitting again…

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It has been a long time since I have been back here, Nikki has been holding down the fort over the summer whilst I have been off sailing. I should currently be sailing but I have been ill so have had to take some time off.

I spent most of Cowes week hiding out in the crew house and hoping that they had someone to replace me that day, after getting back home I spent nearly a week moving from my bed to the couch and back again, only finally feeling human again the last few days. You can tell that I wasn’t feeling well as I didn’t even consider getting any knitting out! Thankfully I am almost feeling like myself again and have finally got round to getting the needles out again.

I finally finished off a set of hats that I was “commissioned” to produce by a friend to match the colours of the charity that he is now working for. I started these before the sailing season got underway and then they got put on the back burner (as did all of my knitting tbh), its nice to be able to tell him that I have finished them, and thankfully they were not really needed till the winter anyway 🙂

GMAS hats #knitting #ravelry

In true sibling style I copied Nikki’s idea to make a blanket and bought a set of exactly the same wool that she is using to knit myself a big snuggly cable blanket as well. I finally got round to swatching up for this.

Seafoam cables blanket swatch  #knitting #ravelry

I also swatched up a few smaller swatches to work out how to get the applied Icord binding to work nicely. The process I have worked out means that I can use an Icord cast on, which runs into an Icord selvage and then use and Icord Bind off. This means that I don’t have to apply miles of Icord binding after finishing the blanket, which I don’t think I could get the motivation to do, I would just have a half finished blanket for the rest of eternity.

I feel that this edging technique makes the blanket much sturdier and produces a nicer finish than most other edging techniques. It just took Nikki and I a few attempts to work out how to make the left and right hand edges look the same and create a smooth transition at the corners between the horizontal and vertical edges. I am sure that this method has been used by many people before me but I could not find any information on how to do it online so it took a bit of head scratching to work it out.
If anyone is interested in it I will try and explain it in a future post.

Tomorrow I’m back off sailing for two weeks and can catch up with some of my other knitting projects (yes they are currently sitting on a yacht waiting for me to return!). Lets see if this years Teenage weeks enable me to finish as much knitting as last year.


3 thoughts on “And I’m knitting again…

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah it hasn’t been the best few weeks but hopefully I’m over the worst of it now.
      Hopefully they will manage to make their recipients smile as well 🙂

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