Planning a Balldress

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I have a ball for the end of the Uni dancing year and am thinking about making a dress for it, here are some options that I have thought about:

Burda 4/2017 — off the shoulder dress - plus size:
Cocoon Style dress. with modesty strappy top. Looks very comfy. 05/2016 / / Burdastyle:
Технические рисунки Burda 11/2015 / Мастер-классы / Burdastyle:

There are some fantastic shiny fabrics on Tia Knight (I don’t shop there too much honestly!) which would make some fantastic dresses.

Viscose Lycra Subtle Shimmer- Red Q874 RD:

Dress 1 would make a lovely formal dress, in one of the velvets possibly adding some beaded/diamantéd embellishment across the shoulders. (This is a plus sized pattern so would need to be taken in a little bit)

Option 2 has been on my radar since I first saw it but I think it is not quite formal enough for this setting. I am still on the look out for a fabric that will do this justice, and wouldn’t wrinkle so I can pull it out of my sailing bag and look a bit formal… I think the shiny red might be a good choice for this.

I love the third dress but I’m not sure that it would work for this event as it is too much like a competition dress that one of the other dancers has, but is still on my wish list. Possibly with the white or black blue fabric.

Or Possibly I might go for a Jumpsuit one of these two would be a good choice, but they do take up a lot of fabric, and would require a lot more fitting.

Burda 4/2017 — one shoulder Jumpsuit:

Sleeveless crossover pantsuit. Plus size 04/2016 / Burdastyle:

At the moment I am probably leaning towards the first dress and create an extra layer to add across the neckline which can be embellished and removed again if needed. To make it more timeless and useable I would want the fabric to be luxurious but fairly classic. I’m possibly thinking crushed velvet in Black, Grey/Silver or I could go completely bonkers and have it in fluorescent yellow.

What do you think? Any suggestions on other patterns I might try?


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