Monday Sevens #56

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Ed has been staying down for a bit as he has had this week off work. I have put him to all sorts of uses:
getting shopping from the local store as he has a car – I have stocked up on bottles of drink…,
putting his knot untying skills to good use when the end of one of my skeins tangled itself up.
And I got him to try on the jumper I recently finished knitting for my cousin to try it for size. I don’t think it looks too bad 🙂
Monday sevens

We went out for a walk on the heath which was a bit windy but gave a lovely view. Unfortunately I had an argument with the gate post on the way back…

Monday sevens
Monday sevens

So Spring is finally here:
the plums alongside the train line are in bloom.

I have also had a few days where I have been sunbathing in the garden and I’m contemplating how long it will be till my winter boots go back into hibernation

Monday sevens

I have been making a few items recently, the sorbetto top but I had a bit of a printing mishap and the pattern came out a bit too large… Here is the difference.

Monday sevens
Monday sevens

I have made another dress, this one was made from a Renfrew pattern which I lengthened to make into a long sleeved dress.

I also added the cowl collar to, this is the first time I have used the cowl version of this pattern and I quite like it but it is a bit of a fabric hog.

This fabric is lovely and it has a slight brushed surface to it which is nice but it made it hard to line up the fabric.

Renfrew cowl dress

For Mothers day I went on a picnic with my Aunt and Grandmother and Cousin, we drove out to Creech Barrow and had a wonderful afternoon taking Nan out for the day.

Monday sevens

We had a friend round on Friday and as is normal for us we made Lots of food! We made Katsu Curry, Samosas and Tempura Vegetables and Prawns.
Nikki is a big fan of katsu curry and this time we actually managed to find some proper Japanese style curry sauce to make to more authentic and shallow fried the chicken and samosas before finishing them off in the oven which helped them to crisp up more than normal.

Now that spring has arrived we have looked to the garden again and giving the front of the house a little bit of a face lift.

We have organised for the gutters to be cleaned and fixed and Nikki has been tackling the front patio and waging war of the unwelcome trees…
She has been pulling lots of roots out!


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