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I am taking part in MIY March on Instagram and yesterdays prompt was style, which got me thinking about what my style is. Its always a good thing to know what your core style is when making clothes for yourself otherwise you end up spending time making something that never gets worn.

My style has evolved over the years from always wearing jeans to not wearing them at all for a few years! I spend most of my time in either trousers or shorts, T-shirts and a jumper. Winter time I wear my ‘snow boots’ and summer its deck shoes (or steel toecap boots).
Working on Pelican I almost always wore work trousers (fleece lined or not depending on the temp) and an old T-shirt; for Sunsail we need to be wearing Beige or Blue chinos and a work Polo shirt (or the clients tops). But this year I wont be working on Pelican (I’m still trying to work out exactly how I feel about this) so will probably be doing more work for Sunsail, but will also have more time to myself this year so I can expand my personal style slightly which I’m looking forward to.

#oal2016 trousers
Knitted hats

1) Burda style trousers (#129 05/16), Renfrew Tshirt 2) Hettie Cardigan, Burda Style Trousers 3) Aberdeen Sweater, Modified RTW trousers

Sunday Sevens
White body and ginger jeans

4) White Renfrew, RTW Primark Bootcut jeans, 5) White body suit, Ginger Jeans 6) North Sails Jacket (With many layers under, Navy Chinos, Winter Boots

Despite having two pairs of the same chinos, one of which I have almost worn to pieces I had to really trawl through my photos to find one of me wearing them! Replacing/supplementing these with some Me Made chinos is on my list of things to do, that and make another pair of jeans.

I am looking to add some skirts/dresses to my normal wardrobe rotation. I have made a Deer and Doe Zephyr dress which has got some wear recently and have a few skirts that I wear in winter so that I can crack out the multiple layers of thermal leggings (I find this warmer than trousers). I have also made some denim culottes which seem much more practical to me, less chance of accidental exposure, and got into the habit of wearing this denim shirt dress last year. I quite like the idea of a sleeveless shirt dress for this summer, should we get some nice weather.

Monday sevens
Thin Sweater knit #seamworkaberdeen
Sunday sevens
Thin Sweater knit #seamworkaberdeen

My to sew list is growing with a few things that I haven’t sewn before, and some I have.

  • A few more Jane T-shirts /  other not to tight T-shirts
  • Fit a Shirt properly (Possibly princess seam, possibly #103 08/16)
  • Make some silky sleeveless tops (Sorbetto style,or this Burda Top)
  • Chinos (Still looking for a pattern)
  • This Burda Style Faux Wrap dress (I need to find the right fabric for it) #108 04/16
  • Heather Style dress. You have always got to have pockets!

What are you plans for your spring sewing?



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