February Round up

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I know its nearly Mid March but here is a round up of the month of February.

SUBLDS Dresses:
Hi-Low Latin Dress
Crop Top
Circle Skirt Latin Dress
Monday sevens
Monday sevens

Tops / Dresses:

Black Tie Dye Body
Green/Black Body
White and Coral Body

Anchor Shirt Dress
Grey Ponte Zephyr
Waterfall Cardigan

Blue Ponte Leggings
White + Coral Geneva’s
Mini Skirt

February makes
February makes

Sunday sevens
For Others:
Turquoise Leggings for Nikki
Gold leggings
Orange Blouse

Car Knitting Socks II
Riddari Swatch
Riddari Sleeve I
Wedding Peacock Chart 1
Monday sevens
February makes

March Aims:

Do more Yoga – I am aiming for daily but averaging once every other day will work atm
Eat more fruit and Veg – Ive been on the verge of getting a cold for a while so I think I need to up my healthy portion of my diet.
Make Jeans – Finally make up a version of the ginger pattern.
Plan Garden – Since I will be around more this summer I am planning on doing more in the garden this year, now is the time to plan it all out.
Organise the House – My house is functional but not very well organised, living alone at the moment means that I probably don’t use the space to its maximum effect. Time to try and change some of that.
Drink Less Coffee – This is an ongoing aim of mine which I seem to be making some headway with.


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