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I have decided to follow along with The Petite Passions Wardrobe Builder Project. I had originally been planning to take part in Project #SewMyStyle but looking through it I find it a bit too prescriptive, they are listing one pattern each month and looking through them all I wasn’t taken by that many of them.

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Although #sewmystyle had discounts on the patterns it featured I would have had to buy every single one of them, whereas the #wardrobebuilder project allows you to pick what ever pattern you want, that fits your body/style and possibly have in your stash already. Sounds much better to me.

Unfortunately I didn’t come across it till a bit later and I haven’t sewn any blouses or shirts (at least not for me) so far this year, but I do have January’s Jumper covered with either my Black funnel neck Burda jumper or my Duck Egg Blue Raglan. (Which I don’t seem to have mentioned on this blog at all!)

March’s prompt is Jeans and Tshirt, well wouldn’t you know it I have actually made Jeans and T-shirts this month!

Monday sevens

I made the Ginger Jeans from Closet Case files with some stretch denim from Fabricland Southampton. They are a good fit if a tad tight in the waist, I think this is because of the pocket stays which have less stretch in them than the denim does.

The T-shirt I’m wearing in this photo is a ‘body suit’ pattern that I made by amalgamating my Renfrew pattern and the leotard pattern that I use for the base for the Dancesport dresses.

I have made more Tshirts this month as well but I will post them later in the week when I have sorted the photos out… (I need my own personal photographer)

Some of the Summer months I will possibly struggle to get some sewing in for the project so I will probably end up sewing up some of the styles ahead of time and then reveal at the right time. This will hopefully lead to me actually writing up about more of my makes if nothing else. Now away to the planning table again, between this and #makenine I might actually get some more wardrobe staples sewn this year, I’m already looking forward to being able to be dressed in 100% handmade regularly, rather than on the odd occasion.

What are your sewing plans? Do you plan ahead or just sew what ever catches your fancy?


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