Monday Sevens #57

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

This week we have been planning to go to our parents house at the weekend to celebrate a belated mothers day and be put to work on the garden. We decided to give her a useable present this year and so sewed up a cardigan for her. Pippa finally used up her *Handmade With Love* ribbon.

Monday sevens

Nikki drove over from Southampton picking Pippa up from Poole on the way and bringing some Ikea purchases with her, we built a new set of drawers which are much larger than the existing set, providing much more space than there was there before… You can just about see the difference between old and new in the bottom middle photo.


After building the drawers we treated ourselves to Rotisserie chicken, and mini hasselback potatoes in the evening, the smell whilst it was cooking was amazing! The oven is one of the many things which has appeared from our grandmothers house over the last year and was living in the hallway! We already have plans for our next one.


Travelling down to Devon we took lunch with us and stopped in Lyme Regis to have food in the carpark at the top of town. We decide to stretch our legs and walked down the steps to the foreshore, we also went for a walk through the gardens at the top of town after stopping to pick up a coffee.

Monday sevens

Leaving Lyme Regis we took the coast route down towards Exeter and had to wait at a level crossing for a bright pink electric tram!

Monday sevens

Once down in Devon we had a mix of weather, there was lots of rain over night the first night we were there but we were actually quite lucky with the weather. But it did produce some lovely moody skys.

Monday sevens

We did lots of work in the garden one of our first jobs was to line, move and level a new raised bed. Then we sourced some rock to add a drainage layer and filled the rest of it with sifted soil from one bed that we were emptying and compost from the compost beds that were being reconstructed in a new location.

Monday sevens

These are one set of the mega compost bins that have been reconstructed. Look how lovely and empty they are at the moment! Not for long I’m sure.


Pippa has been in charge of catering for us and the added workers that have come down to help out this weekend. Warm tasty food is one of the best things after a long day in the garden. Something nice and traditional like beef and mushroom pie always goes down well…


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      Yeah we are all feeling the effects of working hard, everyone is a bit achey now.
      I thought it was a good use too 🙂 Made us all smile.


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