My first ravelry project: Completed

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So I blogged a little while about My first Ravelry project – where I was making a squishy Fisherman’s rib scarf for my dance partner.

Well now I have completed it! It has been bundled up and given to him, complete with exclaims of ‘it’s so squishy’. I think it’s safe to safe it was quite well received, which is a relief.

But now I can actually post about it complete with photos 🙂

So this project was my first project using a pattern from Ravelry and actually documenting it on there. I wanted to have something quite soft and squishy but quite quick to knit up so I don’t spend ages on it. I know some people dislike scarves because they are so long and can take ages, but I have to say this was very quick.

I picked up some Women’s institute Soft and Smooth yarn from Hobbycraft in 3 colours that work nicely together (teal, navy and grey). The balls were 400g each, which is a lot more than I needed, but they didn’t do smaller balls unfortunately.
large balls of yarn

The fisherman’s rib pattern is quite squishy as it involves knitting into the row below which compresses the rows, but to make it knit up quicker I decided to do the fisherman’s rib knitting 2 yarns as one. The yarn is normally knitted on 6mm needles, so with 2 yarns together I decided to knit it on 9mm needles.


Knitting the 2 yarns together allows me to do the colour change with one yarn first and then change the second yarn a few rows later. I did a quick swatch to see what the pattern was like with the colour changes and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

scarf swatch

I cast on 21 stitches, using the long-tail cast on, but over two 9mm needles to make sure it was nice and stretchy. I do have a rather tight gauge when I knit, so I have to try and combat this where I can.

The two ends will have a slightly longer section of navy on them, with striping of the teal and grey in between sections of the navy.


In the first evening I managed to get about 10″ knit up, which is very good going considering the pattern was new to me.


Knitting 2 yarns together from 1 ball meant I was using the yarn from the outside of the ball and the inside of the ball, together with the yarns changes this sometimes meant I got my yarns quite twisted up… but thankfully it wasn’t too bad.


The pattern consisted of two sets of teal and grey stripes on each half of the scarf, mirrored around the centre, more details can be found on the ravelry project. To bind it off I wanted to have a stretchy bind-off as the main section of the scarf has a lot of stretch in it, so I opted for Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off which I was impressed with how stretchy it was.

Here is the scarf once the bind-off was completed, all 1.6m of glorious squishyness.

Of course it needed to be modelled (obviously this isn’t my dance partner modelling it though…)20170116_230447


and here it is, all packaged up ready to be given

Definitely a success for a knitting project. I’m thinking I might have to do some more with the wool I have left, although I will need to change up the colour schemes a little.



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