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Nikki and I have taken on the a challenge to create an outfit for a friend of ours for an Indian wedding she is attending in March. For this we have had to delve into a whole world of clothing that we have never really had anything to do with before.

I remember being dressed in a Saree once before for the wedding of two of my parents employees but it was soo long ago I am struggling to remember any of the details!

When discussing needs with Aneesa we ended up expanding our commitment from a Jodi Bohra (Skirt, Blouse and Scarf) to a Salwar Kameez as well (Tunic, Leggings and another scarf). Getting to the bottom of what these were and what Aneesa actually wanted from the outfits took a lot of too-ing and fro-ing with lots of images. I have come to the conclusion pretty much anything goes!

Here are a couple of examples of a Salwar Kameez:

But with that in mind we have narrowed our aims down to a few requirements:

Jodi Bohra

  • Floor length skirt
  • Six pleats front and back
  • slightly A Line shape
  • embellishment on the bottom of the skirt
  • Blouse, fitted, cap sleeves
  • Scarf ~1.2m x 2m
  • Embellishment on at least one edge of the scarf
  • Orange and Purple colour

Salwar Kameez

  • Knee length fitted tunic
  • Fitted leggings, must be long enough to ruche at the ankles
  • Long sleeves, sheer material
  • Silky fabric
  • Embellishment
  • Scarf (unsure on dimensions atm)
  • Peacock blue/teal and Gold colour

At the moment the trousers/leggings are looking to be the hardest part of this make, along with sourcing the right kind of fabrics and a suitable price (ie not very much), I think some good ebay searching and possibly a trip to goldhawk road might be needed (I keep threatening to go there and this would be a good excuse!). Thankfully Nikki is pretty much the same size as Aneesa so if we make the outfit to fit Nikki it should work on Aneesa.

The current search is all about fabric: my favourite kind of internet search 🙂 We have managed to find a source of orange poly cotton for the skirt, some purple embroidered ribbon, and some lovely purple and gold embellished lace.


We should be able to source some orange Chiffon from Fabric Land to go under the Purple lace for the scarf for the Jodi Bohra. We just need to source some nice coloured fabric for the leggings and tunic of the Salwar Kameez.

Then comes the designing and making stage… hopefully that shouldn’t be too bad. We have until march to complete it. But we shall see…



7 thoughts on “A Dress Challenge

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol I’ve not got to the stage of making wedding dresses. But having a good challenge to sink my teeth into is always good

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