Monday Sevens #47

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Well… the week between Christmas and New Year… this is the time of year when we generally forget what day of the week it is, what we are meant to be doing and all schedules just go out the window.

The frosty weather was perfect for a walk around the garden, a few scenic photos, and an excuse to wear my reindeer hat (not that I need much of an excuse at this time of year)
frosty walk in the garden

Pippa is working on a shawl as her current knitting project and she wanted to swatch up a bit, so this resulted in a very cute little shawl for my christmas present Zilly, he’s a heat pack dinosaur…
shawl swatching

Now she is working on the larger version and it has some lovely colours in the lacework.
shawl closeup


No Christmas is complete without some puzzles, this is the second one of the season, and I’ve already mostly done the third one, now I’m just left with an awful lot of blue sky to do…
christmas puzzle time


There was some last minute present making before our aunt arrived this week…we were making cushion covers, and ended up changing the fabric quite last minute. I’m pretty pleased with how they went, especially as I made it up as I went along and I hardly even measured anything out… (Pippa was very pleased with me not measuring everything) – Thankfully they fit in perfectly with the Mary Rhodes’ tapestry in her lounge.
cushion covers


Pippa tried out some new recipes by doing hot water crust pastry for cranberry pork pies but using gluten free flour. The result is very tasty but with everything that uses gluten free flour the recipe probably needs a bit of tweaking.
homemade pork pies


We decided that the duvet we had dyed needed a little more colour, so it was tie-dyed in a teal green, no coloured hands this time though…
Tie-dyeing a blanket


I am testing out working with leather for the travel bags that I want to make, so I got a cheap leather jacket from a charity shop, which is now dismantled, ready to be used for new bags.
Dismantling a leather jacket


Pippa made another batch of fudge, this time with a ginger flavouring. It is a wonderful taste, although I think we need a few more batches to work out the consistency that we like. (what a shame…)
Ginger fudge


For New Year’s Eve we had a (very) quiet evening in with a buffet of delicious food followed by Jools’ Holland and the London Fireworks. This was interspersed by us cursing technology whilst trying to produce a summary of our 2016 makes in video. We did get there in the end though… (You can see Nikki’s here and Pippa’s here)

New Year's Buffet Spread


Hope you all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to what the new year has to bring!

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    1. Pippa

      Thanks, I don’t normally feel very productive but seeing it all in one place helps. Unfortunately this is pretty much all we did do :p
      I hope you had a great festive period.


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