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My apologies for how long it has taken for me to get these photos up but Christmas/New Year is a time that I don’t really spend that much time on technology. Lots of knitting and cooking etc.

Here are the two #StitchingSanta presents that I received.

First is my Knitting one from Hila at Saturdaynightstitch this lovely West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply, in a fantastic colour (infact I have the WYS DK in the same colourway!) This came with a pattern for Eowyn’s Riding Gauntlets and some lovely ribbon and heart shaped buttons.




Next my Sewing Stitching Santa which was from the lovely Sharon at Inspirational Yarns. She sent me a wonderful array of presents, here they are just after opening (sat in front of the fire at my parents place)

stitching santa presents

Check out the wonderful project bag which has a drawstring in the top and folds down to become a nice little stiff basket for when you want to work on your project, which she also sells in her Etsy shop.


I cant wait to try out that mini craft cutter. I also received a loop turner and some plastic bits that help you store the spool of thread and the bobbin together but these have sneaked off with Nikki so didn’t make it into this photo…


Ok so these stitch markers are my own ones but have been put here for safe keeping after I finished my “#Christmasevecaston” shawl and the clip is from last years Stitching Santa (it goes very well don’t you think!)


I can’t wait to get an excuse to use those mini lama’s 🙂


Look it even has a nice bit pocket to keep all the other little bit in. I can see this getting a lot of use over the coming year. I’m sure it will find its way onto ship next time I go away.

Thank you so much Shelia for organising this again this year and thank you to my two lovely swap partners for their thoughtful gifts.

Check out the Knitting and Sewing ones that I sent out…


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