Sunday Sevens #43

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Here is this weeks Sunday Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

This time it’s Nikki here. Yet again we’ve had another whirlwind week, I think it might carry on that way well into the new year though, since we have so much going on before Christmas.

The week started off with a slightly impulsive decision to dye the ends of my hair. My hair was getting rather long, so I decided if I wanted to dye the ends I could do it now, and if I didn’t like it or got tired of it I can simply cut the ends off… So I bleached and dyed the ends using the Colour Freedom purple dye and its pasteliser. I did look a little silly during the process but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so purple!

I had a lot of bleach left over so we did the ends of Pippa’s hair as well so she could dye it blue a few days later. Since her hair is brown it’s not quite so vibrant, but I still think it looks really cool. It still keeps catching her by surprise sometimes though (as does mine)…

Sunday sevens

Sunday sevens

Pippa continued her vintage coat collection with this purchase from a charity shop
Sunday sevens

I got a bit more in the Christmas spirit this week as we put up the Christmas tree, and I started wrapping some presents, mainly so I don’t have to hide them away and hope people don’t stumble across them.


In the Christmas spirit, Pippa received her first Christmas present, a very practical washer-dryer.
Sunday sevens

In this weeks crafting Pippa has been making some more bags which she will post about soon.

This favourite fabric was cut into, which hopefully should make some gorgeous bags.
Sunday sevens
and this new “stowe” bag was created, I think that will be being made a few more times as it looks very useful.
Sunday sevens

I got yet another delivery of wool… some for presents, some for us and a few things hopefully to make some kitchen items.


and I managed to squeeze in quick(ish) baking session and make some florentines, although the recipe wasn’t quite so successful as last time. But they still disappeared pretty sharpish.


And I came back one day to some beautiful flowers from some friends who had stayed over last weekend. That was such a lovely gesture and definitely put a smile on my face =)


Let’s hope next week is a little less hectic, although I’m not sure it will be at all… (I see a pattern here, since we seem to say that each week)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #43

  1. Sheila

    LOVE both your hair!! I wrapped up my current store of presents, too, for exactly the same reason. Also because I tend to hide them all over the house and end up happening upon a few in January….


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