Bath Ball Top

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Last year I made myself a ball dress for Bath Ball, this year I decided to make myself a top which went over this dress to make it another outfit. 

Initially I made a top out of a burda style magazine but it really didn’t fit and I don’t have any photos of it. 

My mother came to my rescue with a top of her own which I copied and drew a pattern from her finished garment. 

Bath ball dress

This was the test version of the second pattern made in a cheap poly cotton, which mum then asked if she could keep. 

Bath ball dress

It’s a nice simple pattern…

Bath ball dress

You can just about make out the pattern outline in this photo. I lined up the bottom edge of the pattern with the scallops on the edge of the material.

Unfortunately I didn’t get enough material to cut the front and back side by side so I had to remove some of the sequins from the bottom of the back to mirror the scallops. 

Bath ball dress

The first wearing of the top before I had finished the edges. I think it looks quite good with jeans…

Bath ball dress

I bound the neck line and arm holes with black lycra which made it much nicer against the skin. 

Bath ball dress

Unfortunately the neck hole is a little small which made it a little difficult to get on/off and the sequins got a bit stuck in my hair which was firmly secured with tonnes of hair spray for my dance hair style…

Bath ball dress

The top hangs much better in the sequinned fabric than it did in the poly cotton, as the fabric has much less structure.

Bath ball dress

My mum also made me a set of matching earrings by cutting out a pair of the feathers and glueing them to an old mushroom box and then cut them out and attached them to gold earring findings. 🙂 


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  1. Mrs. Kelley Dibble

    Love it!

    Here’s a “put it on over my gorgeous ‘do” tip:

    Use a half-slip or a silky scarf and ‘veil’ your head with it. Slip the outfit over the half-slip or scarf, pull off the scarf and not too much harm is usually done! Yay!

    Also, Threads magazine just posted a neat and easy way to add an opening to a neckline. Worth a try; add it to the back, with a little drama, too??



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